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    Introducing the Simple Way to Brand with Custom Storefront Awnings

    The typical awning features metal covered with imprinted fabric. Other products present with metal strips that combine to create the appearance of custom storefront awnings. But have you ever noticed that plenty of these products are not totally functional? Sure, they may offer a little shade or protection from the elements, but it is relatively minimal. So, why do business owners continue to commission this signage solution? The answer is simple: an opportunity for featuring the brand message.

    Repeat the Presentation of a Building Sign

    Custom Storefront AwningsWhen you decide to repeat the colors, lettering, and overall brand message of a building sign with your awning, you emphasize its appearance. Doing so is an excellent option – particularly in three distinct situations:

    1. Color contrast with the façade. When the bold colors of your corporate palette create a visually pleasing contrast to the venue’s current wall color, capitalize on the hue selection by doubling the appearance.
    2. Smaller building sign. For the business owner who replaced an oversized building sign with one that aesthetically works better but is smaller, the doubling of the brand message creates an interesting effect.
    3. Non-lit façade marker. Repeating the marketing and branding messages is a surefire way of catching the attention of consumers when lighting does not support your signage.

    Show off Company Colors and Niche Explanations

    Custom Storefront AwningsSometimes, business owners use their awnings as extensions of their niche presentations. The color scheme continues the building sign’s look. The notations they ask us to imprint on the awning fabric may repeat messages the company displays with window graphics or posters. You frequently see this trend with bakeries and assorted quick meal – not necessarily fast food – venues. Diners are another group of hospitality venues that like this look. Because the combination of niche explanation and color scheme reinforces the overall branding, it creates a great mnemonic device.

    Create a Visual Counterpoint that Features a Brand Message

    Custom Storefront AwningsColors are an integral part of your corporate brand message. Depending on your ability to publicize your use of them, you can succeed in having consumers recognize your corporate persona with little more than a font and color display. We recommend creating visual counterpoints for your façade that capitalize on this understanding. Present the color as well as the lettering with a product that shows at maximum size.

    The trick here is to ensure that the overall look and feel fits in so perfectly that passersby accept the presentation of the awnings as though they had been part of the building since you opened. Because our professionals specialize in the customization of canopy sizes so that they take on the ideal shapes as well as the sizing you need to make an eye-catching impression, invite them out to take some measurements.

    Commissioning Custom Storefront Awnings

    Are you curious to find out what your location could like with a set of custom awnings? Our business sign experts gladly put together sketches that present you with the different awning styles, which could be suitable for your company’s building front.

    Call us today to schedule a consultation appointment!

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