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    Use Banners for Back to School Events

    It’s almost time for kids of all ages to head back to school, and what better way to advertise events or welcome students back than with banners? This form of event signage is easy to install and looks fantastic, making them ideal for schools of all shapes and sizes. Let’s take a closer look at how these signs can help your academic institution welcome new and returning students alike.

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    Welcome New Students

    The first way you can use banners in your school is to hang them in your lobby or entranceway. This is a great idea for welcoming new students, like high school freshmen, to your school. You can use your school colors and an image of your mascot to enhance school spirit, too.

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    Use for School Sporting Events

    Another good idea for banner use in schools is to use them to advertise sports events. If your school has a fantastic women’s lacrosse team or boys’ basketball team, allow yourself to be proud of them. Use a banner in the entrance to your high school or college gymnasium to get people pumped up for games. You can even put a few smaller ones outside the playing field for extra flair and flourish.

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    Increase School Spirit at Homecoming

    As you probably know, homecoming events usually occur soon after school starts. However, you don’t need to wait until October to get your students and faculty excited for it. Advertise homecoming events, such as special football games or alumni contests, at the beginning of the school year so your student body as well as alumni, parents and teachers will be ready. Remember to use your school colors!

    Advertise Wellness Events with Banners

    Your back to school banners don’t have to be exclusively centered around school spirit. If your nurse’s office offers wellness screenings, you can get that information out to your student body easily with the use of a banner or two. This is also a great medium to use to encourage healthy food choices and exercise.

    Get Your Back to School Banners Now

    As you can see, banners are excellent for schools for a variety of reasons. So, once you’ve made your decision, get in touch with Black Dog Sign Company. We will gladly help you design and install your custom-made banners for your school, so let’s get started! Contact us today for a free quote and see how we can help.

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