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    Use Your Storefront Windows to Engage with Window Graphics in Alpharetta!

    Clients who order perforated, opaque, transparent, or cling window graphics in Alpharetta GA, usually have three direct goals in mind for these displays.

    • Brand.
    • Advertise.
    • Bring in foot traffic.

    Window Graphics Communicate Your Brand Message through Image Engagement

    window graphics in Alpharetta GA

    The shopper who walks past your store has probably already engaged with your brand message via the building sign you installed. But when s/he steps up close to your windows, the graphics have the power to present a new method of brand engagement.

    • Combine images with lettering. In some situations, it pays to spell out your brand message. Accompany your brand’s symbol, aka logo, with lettering such as a tagline or motto, which helps the customer learn more about the business.
    • Set the tone for marketing messages. The brand presentation paves the way for your advertising messages. Set against the display of your name and logo as well as corporate colors, the setup encourages customers to remember your store for its products. In marketing, we call this the creation of brand awareness.

    Advertise Products against a Seasonal Backdrop

    window graphics in Alpharetta GA

    There are some products that you probably offer year round. Think of the coffee shop that sells lattes every day of the year. But just after September, these types of businesses add pumpkin spice to select drinks and create new concoctions that are only available at that time of the year. Advertising these products with window graphics is highly effective because it introduces something new to the customer. Doing so generates interest in the store as well as the products. Smart marketers add point-of-sale signage to suggest product pairings. By the way, you can add this marker as yet another window graphic.

    Reel in Foot Traffic and Convert Shoppers to Become Buyers

    window graphics in Alpharetta GA

    Of course, the ultimate goal of installing window graphics in Alpharetta GA, is the conversion of the shopper into a buyer. To do so, you have to turn passersby into customers. Rely on your window graphics to do so by showing the relevance of your products against the backdrop of seasonal shopping patterns. (Once you have the customer’s interest, follow up the graphics’ effective engagement with secondary signage solutions that continue the conversation.)

    If the foot traffic in front of your store is too fast to allow passersby to engage with your displays, we recommend the use of an A-frame that you place in the path of pedestrians. Imprinted with your company’s name and logo as well as a customized message with an arrow that points to your front door, you can slow down most folks sufficiently to pay attention to the graphics. From there, the conversion is much easier and should result in plenty of foot traffic entering your establishment. If you want to go for the gusto, consider pairing the A-frame with teardrop flags that further grab the eye.

    Contact our graphic artists to learn more about the products you might use to encourage customer engagement with your brand. During a design consultation, we can also show you the different types of window graphics that you might be able to incorporate. Call us today to get started on the project!

    window graphics in Alpharetta GA