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    4 Benefits of Rebranding in Duluth GA

    When business clients contact the pros at The Black Dog Sign Company to discuss the benefits of rebranding in Duluth GA, they frequently feel vaguely uneasy about the messages their signage sends. These business owners realize that simply having a nice-looking signage product is not enough to connect with the consumer on the gut level. Something is missing. After numerous conversations, we have narrowed down four advantages to making a change now – rather than waiting much longer.

    1. Benefit from Graphic Design Assistance

    Benefits of Rebranding in Duluth GAThe brand message should resonate within the targeted demographic. If it fails to do so, there is a good chance that the initial setup missed the mark. Frequently, entrepreneurs decide to go it alone with graphic design. After being in business for a while, they realize that the low-cost logo they paid somebody a few bucks to put together is not connecting with the customer. When these folks sit down with our graphic artists for a consultation, they are surprised to see how textures, colors, materials, and even installation methods combine to encapsulate the right brand message.

    2. Take Advantage of the Opportunity to Realign Signage with an Evolved Direction

    Benefits of Rebranding in Duluth GACase in point is the lobby sign. In the past, your business model was an elementary, middle of the road approach that others in your niche are taking. But over the years, you have evolved and carved out a niche within a niche. The original lobby sign no longer bespeaks your brand. Now, you might need illuminated dimensional letters rather than a basic logo board to communicate it.

    3. Promote a Clear Brand Message that Emphasizes what is Important

    Benefits of Rebranding in Duluth GAMistaking advertising for branding, you may have put together signage that combines “buy me” messages with the colors of your logo. This approach is not making sense to the consumer who finds the brand message of a competitor to be clearer and therefore more compelling. A good example is the use of trade show table throws. They show one corporate color and spell out a niche explanation. From there, images and graphics support both of these elements; you can transfer this “less is more” approach to your signage if it is too cluttered with information.

    4. Help Customers to Recognize You with Unique Signage

    Benefits of Rebranding in Duluth GAIf you have bought a fair amount of your business’ signs at the big box office supply store, you probably end up with generic products. Cases in point are yard signs that get a message across but fail to do so in a brand-specific manner. Customization is the antidote to the display of signage that the consumer reads but will not remember or connect to your particular brand. And customization is not something you find in a markdown bin at the store but only at a good full-service sign shop.

    Reap the Benefits of Rebranding in Duluth GA

    You may remember that we previously discussed deepening brand awareness around Duluth. Now is your chance to benefit from a rebranding that may be able to do just that. Our experts serve the business communities in and around Duluth, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Lawrenceville, Norcross, Suwanee, Milton, Cumming, and Sugar Hill, GA. Call us today to schedule a design consultation with our graphic artists to learn more!

    Benefits of Rebranding in Duluth GA