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    Facts About Sign Permits in Alpharetta GA

    If you are looking to design and install an exterior sign for your business in Alpharetta, it is important to get the facts on sign permits in the city. Each city or town usually has different requirements, so if you are a business in Alpharetta, be aware that the permit rules and regulations may be unique to this particular city. Let’s look at a few pieces of the sign permit puzzle.

    sign permits and color regulations in Alpharetta GA

    Regulations About Color

    There are a few regulations about color in signs displayed in Alpharetta that you should know about. Here they are:

    • Each individual sign should not use more than three colors, not including a background color.
    • You can use black and/or white in your exterior sign as a primary color.
    • Only one color should be used for the sign’s primary message unless another secondary color is added there as a shadow or outline.
    • If part of the building behind a wall sign is a different color than the rest of the wall, that part of the wall will count as a background color.
    • Trim colors on your sign count as background colors.

    Sign permits in Alpharetta GA

    What Makes Up the Master Sign Plan?

    A Master Sign Plan is recommended for all multi-occupant commercial developments before the permanent sign is erected. It consists of four parts. First, include the location of wall and ground mounted signage (such as a monument sign). Then, you should also include the materials, which consists of not only the actual physical materials you are planning to use (such as stone or brick), but also the colors you wish to use on your exterior sign. Also, make sure to include the size of the sign, indicating dimensions and location and proportions. Finally, if your sign is going to be illuminated, include all lighting methods.

    The Master Sign Plan may only be filed by the owner of the land affected by the change, or an agent specifically authorized by the owner.

    Where Do I Send my Completed Sign Application?

    There are two ways you can submit your sign application. This website has some more information about it, as well as some frequently asked questions about signs.

    Get Your Sign Permits for Exterior Signs

    As you can see, there are several very specific rules and regulations regarding signage in Alpharetta. Therefore, it’s important that you know the requirements and follow them. Contact Black Dog Sign Company for help with permitting and installation in Alpharetta today.

    help with sign permits in Alpharetta GA