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    Serving the Local Business Community as a Full Service Sign Company in Sugar Hill GA

    A few months ago, the City of Sugar Hill broke ground for the EpiCenter, which will become a major component of the downtown area’s business community. City officials issued a press release that outlined the ambitious project’s amenities, which include a gym, community theater, Class-A office spaces, retail opportunities, and locales for hospitality venues. Already, there is a buzz among members of the local business community that readies for the area’s exciting future. But there is one thing that future and current companies have in common: a need for excellent signs to market and brand their enterprises.

    Hallmarks of Sign Store Excellence

    Full Service Sign Company in Sugar Hill GAMeeting business owners’ needs for a full service sign company in Sugar Hill GA, calls for three distinct capabilities.

    1. Graphic design and manufacturing expertise. Although we gladly manufacture signs that an advertising company’s staff has designed for you, you can eliminate the added cost by working with our graphic design specialists. These professionals can assist you with first-time signage design, re-branding, or sign suite integration. When you are satisfied with the look of the product, our technicians manufacture it according to your specifications.
    2. Permitting and installation services. The permitting process requires you to follow specific rules that include scale drawings and surveys. We handle all this paperwork for you, which is ideal for incoming business owners who need exterior building signs. Our installers also mount your products. We take pride in our work, and it shows.
    3. Follow-up services in the forms of maintenance, repairs, and restorations. All signage products need occasional maintenance, particularly when they are outside. Simply call us to your Sugar Hill storefront or office building. We clean and tidy up your sign, so it continues to present with vibrant colors. If the sign needs repairs, we do that, too. By the way, we also work on signs that you bought somewhere else.

    Modern Sign Shop Equipment Meets Color Challenges Head On

    Full Service Sign Company in Sugar Hill GAWe invested heavily in superior print equipment when outfitting our shop. The goal was the ability to provide a full range of products that stun with the vibrancy of their colors. Older equipment prints great black and white posters or banners, but it lacks the ability to produce colors that seem to leap off the substrate. Speaking of colors, the other reason why we like our state-of-the-art equipment is its ability to create perfect color matches. Whether you want us to mimic the colors you used online or those you are already featuring via your channel letters, we can do so without a problem.

    Serving the Local Business Community as a Full Service Sign Company in Sugar Hill GA

    Full Service Sign Company in Sugar Hill GAThe Black Dog Sign Company employs your group of go-to sign makers, color experts, and design specialists for all types of business needs. Whether you need retail signage, will outfit an office with lobby signs and ADA markers, or want to introduce your brand message with flags and monuments, we can help. By the way, if you are preparing for the next trade show, we can most certainly set you up with anything from a 10-foot-by-10-foot booth to a full-size island exhibit. Call us today to learn more about the services we provide for members of the local business community.

    Full Service Sign Company in Sugar Hill GA