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    Demand Attention with 3D Signs for Businesses in Johns Creek GA

    Did you know that 3D signs for businesses in the area transcend niches? You do not have to be a bank manager to commission one of these products. In fact, more and more business owners in and around Johns Creek recognize that the three-dimensional aspect of these products is a surefire attention getter, which endears the signage solution to professionals across the board. What do you need to know about adding these types of products to your business’ overall sign setup?

    In the Old Days: Metal was the Only Game in Town

    3D Signs for BusinessesIf you wanted excellent three-dimensional signage a few years ago, you would have to spend a significant amount of money on solid metal products. These signs looked sophisticated, stylish, and impressed with the beauty that comes from a metal construction. However, sign making has moved on, and you can now have a 3D sign with a 2D budget!

    Select a Material with Usage and Manufacturing Technique in Mind

    3D Signs for BusinessesWhat are you planning on doing with the three-dimensional sign? If you want to feature it as a building sign, you might use different materials than for a lobby marker.

    • HDU. High-density urethane (HDU) is a manmade material with a long lifespan. Our technicians sandblast the product to give you a board with a three-dimensional message appeal. In the process, we can make the board look as though we had used wood. Of course, that is only one backdrop option. After the manufacturing is complete, we paint the sign.
    • Plastic. If you prefer dimensional letters, formed plastic with prismatic faces is an eye-catcher to be sure. Another option is the presentation of rounded faces. Visually so different from the typical flat-cut acrylic products, you can make letters manufactured from the material pop on a building’s façade or inside a lobby.
    • Sign foam. There are different ratings that allow us to use the material indoors as well as outside. Business clients like it because we can reach depths of up to three inches. This design allows for a substantial shadow play simply by aiming spotlights at the products in just the right way.

    Where to Apply 3D Signs

    3D Signs for BusinessesWe have already discussed the possibility of three-dimensional building signs for your façade as well as the idea of using 3D lettering as a lobby sign. But expand on this idea by also using the technology for your monument sign outside and wayfinding signage indoors or out of doors. Some clients have had excellent success with the presentation of 3D letters on post and panel signs for wayfinding and branding around their parking areas.

    Do You Need 3D Signs for Businesses in Johns Creek GA?

    Consult with our graphic artists to learn more about your options and find out what material solution would be ideally suited for your needs. Because the 3D aspect works so well on the exterior and interior, it makes sense that you might be able to save considerable funds simply by adapting your material use. Call us today to find out more!

    3D Signs for Businesses