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    Top 3 Uses for Interior Dimensional Letters

    The Black Dog Sign Company experts get plenty of requests for the design, manufacture, and installation of interior dimensional letters. Typically, the orders fall into three distinct categories.

    1. ADA Signs Must Meet Legal Requirements (but that does not mean that they look generic!)

    Interior Dimensional Letters The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifies that consumers with visual challenges require accommodations that allow for the enjoyment of independent wayfinding. In plain English, this means that room labels and certain other signs must feature stark color contrasts, display raised letters and symbols, and offer Braille II dots. The Act also specifies the locations where these signs need to be installed as well as the mounting heights themselves. Our technicians are experts at helping members of the local business community meet all the legal requirements. Our graphic artists ensure that these signs are functional but do not lack any pizzazz or let branding opportunities go by.

    2. Lobby Signs Make an Excellent First Impression

    Interior Dimensional LettersNever mind lobby logo boards, sandblasted high-density urethane (HDU) panels, and 3D wall graphics. Dimensional lettering is still a favorite. Because it is impossible to repeat the first impression, you owe it to your company to go for the gusto with this marker. Since many business owners use the lobby sign as the product solution on which they base the design details of other office markers, it has to be as close to perfect as humanly possible.

    • Color selection. Choose bright, friendly colors for a pediatrician’s office; a company engaged in creative niche endeavors, and service providers. Pick metallic tones for enterprises in the financial and legal sectors. Depending on your business model, raw wood tones can be an excellent asset!
    • Material choices. We have already mentioned wood, but you might also pick acrylic, PVC, sign foam, metals, glass, or granite. If a budget concern threatens to derail your dreams of sophisticated copper signage, relax! Our technicians are experts at creating dimensional letters from inexpensive foam, painting them, and then adding a thin metal laminate to the top. These letters look like the real thing – without the steep price tag.
    • Depth. Speaking of foam, did you know that sometimes making a great first impression can be as easy as installing thick foam letters and then aiming spotlights in such a manner that you present the information with creative shadow plays? All it takes is sufficient depth of the letters to make the display happen.

    3. Specialty Signage for Informative, Wayfinding, and Similar Displays

    Interior Dimensional LettersWhether you operate a church and want to recognize the names of donors who made the beautification of the sanctuary possible, or you like to add wayfinding information with flush-mountings to the walls, dimensional letters are once again the hot trend. However, those commissioning the signage have another reason for looking to this solution when outfitting their venues. Occasionally, wall spaces make it impractical to order panels or boards, which are either too large or too small. Since we can easily adjust the spacing between the letters as well their dimensions, we can make your office’s design come together beautifully.

    Are you ready to take a closer look at interior dimensional letters? Call us!

    Interior Dimensional Letters