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    3 Ways Backlit Sign Letters Reinvent Your Lobby’s Brand Message

    Backlit sign letters for the lobby are a growing trend that is quickly taking business communities by storm. The illuminated lobby signs look impressive, create a distinct wow factor, and make your business stand out from others in its niche. But did you know that they also help your reception area to undergo a (possibly) much-needed redo of its brand message presentation?

    1. Draw Attention to the Lettering

    Backlit Sign LettersThe display of letters surrounded by a halo of light has an undeniably breathtaking effect. When done exactly right, it has this effect on the outside of a business with a channel letter setup. Now, imagine taking this technology inside, scaling it down, but letting the light present its effect in an enclosed space. It is fair to say that it amplifies the experience. Not surprisingly, the letters of your name will be the quick draw for the eye. That said, some business clients have begun playing around with the addition of a two or three-word niche explanation that they illuminate in this manner underneath the corporate name. Doing so now boosts the brand message of the lobby display.

    2. Present a Sign that Your Competitors Do Not Have

    Backlit Sign LettersBecause each illuminated lobby sign is custom made, you can be sure that your nearest competitor does not have it. Moreover, when our technicians form the letters out of aluminum or acrylic, we add your iconic font to the mix. Although another business may have aluminum dimensional letters, it is doubtful that they have a set of backlit letters with a white (or colorful) illumination appearance. Standing out from others in your niche has never been easier!

    3. Add Contemporary Flair to a Name

    If you like your brand message but worry that it is getting stagnant, it may be time to overhaul its display. Doing so is different from re-branding, where you would tweak the color or font style. In this scenario, you switch out a dimensional letter lobby sign, or logo board, for an illuminated signage setup instead. Combine this move with an overhaul of your lobby’s décor if needed. The result will be a contemporary breath of fresh air that presents your brand appeal in a new light (pun intended).

    What if I Do Not Want Backlit Sign Letters?

    Backlit Sign LettersLit letters are not the only game in town. Edge-lit acrylic boards are an attractive alternative that allows the light to escape from behind a logo board. Interior lightbox cabinets that present your logo are another option. Pair them with dimensional letters for an excellent presentation that still features illumination without actually lighting each style element.

    Buy Backlit Sign Letters or Other Illuminated Lobby Signs

    The Black Dog Sign Company serves the business communities in and around Sugar Hill, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Lawrenceville, Duluth, Norcross, Suwanee, Milton, and Cumming, GA. When you want to take the brand message display of your lobby to the next level, our business sign experts are ready to lend a hand.

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