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    Why Choose Post and Panel Signs in Alpharetta GA?

    Have you ever stopped to think about the makeup of post and panel signs in Alpharetta GA? It is deceivingly simple. Two posts hold up a panel in between them. It is this simplicity that makes these signage solutions some of the most sought after products currently on the market.

    Selecting a Post

    post and panel signs in Alpharetta GAA typical post consists of pressure-treated wood. This material is more durable than the standard lumber you might use. Pick the paint that suits your setting. For example, real estate professionals like to use white paint. It evokes feelings of cleanliness and promotes something that is new. Of course, not every professional likes wood. Wrought iron is another great option for the right setting. For commercial applications, we have also used white vinyl or aluminum that we painted.

    Choosing the Panel(s)

    Nothing communicates a branding message more effectively than a well-designed panel. Again, you have countless options.

    • Aluminum. Land developers like aluminum panels. We imprint them directly with the company’s information and allow some space for the addition of a vinyl overlay that identifies a particular property. Since many developer signs feature three panels, this practice saves money.
    • HDU. High-density urethane (HDU) is a foam that is suitable for carving or sandblasting. Our artists can create highly ornate and colorful markers that are ideal for shops catering to tourists, bed and breakfast operations, and companies doing business out of the historical parts of town.
    • Acrylic. When a corporation decides to turn a post and panel sign into a monument marker, acrylic is an excellent option for the board. It allows for direct imprints or the addition of dimensional letters. Choose a corporate color for the display or stick with a sophisticated presentation of white lettering on a black background. Other construction options feature aluminum and acrylic combinations for internally lit structures that feature push-through lettering.

    Pairing the Setup with Accessories

    post and panel signs in Alpharetta GAFor street signs, which is the one-post signage solution relying on a blade panel that you frequently find on college campuses, we recommend the use of a reflective paint for the lettering, which makes wayfinding after dark a snap. There is the possibility of internal illumination when selecting a two-panel setup. Attachable spotlights, decorative post toppers, and brochure holders round out the accessories you might add to the product.

    Finding the Right Display Space

    Finally, select the right display setting for post and panel signs in Alpharetta GA. The majority of our clients favor an installation near the entrances to their parking lots when using the sign as a monument. Real estate professionals ask us to install the signs either in the yards of customers or along the roads for developments. The projected use of the sign usually provides our installers with the ideal placement suggestions.

    Now, that you know about the versatility of the product and its many uses, should the real question not be why anyone would not select this signage product? Contact us today to learn more about the design options that might make a post and panel sign ideal for your business.

    post and panel signs in Alpharetta GA