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    Deepen Brand Awareness with Custom Metal Signs in Duluth GA

    Business signs come in a broad range of shapes, sizes, and materials. Acrylic, PVC, vinyl, and sign foam are preferred materials. A choice that holds a unique appeal is metal. Because it allows for so many different display options, more and more business owners are now requesting metal for their indoor and outdoor signage presentations. When you are thinking of adding one or more custom metal signs in Duluth GA, you have plenty of designs to choose from.

    Contemporary Monument Signs Combine Metal with Acrylic

    Custom Metal Signs in Duluth GATypical monuments consist of bricks, rebar, and mortar. They might feature dimensional letters for their facings. The next product solution that took the business community by storm was the pre-formed sign foam monument. Presenting in a broad range of sizes and shapes, these products are quick to put up, allow for fantastic brand enhancements, and withstand damaging winds. Now, metal is quickly gaining in favor.

    • Built-in illumination. LEDs make it possible for the sign to light up. You no longer need to maintain landscape spotlights that may or may not work all the time. LEDs are inexpensive to operate and last for a long time.
    • Push-through acrylic letters. Rather than presenting the typical dimensional letter setup, it is now possible to push these elements through the metal during the manufacturing process. This appearance is modern and appeals to the younger consumer generation.
    • Durability. There is little doubt that metal is among the most durable material selections you can make for your business signs.

    A Dimensional Letter Lobby Sign Fashioned from Metal Underscores the Endurance of Your Brand

    Custom Metal Signs in Duluth GABy far the most common metal choice for lobby signs is brushed aluminum. Other finishes include polished aluminum or a variety of colors and metal hues. When aluminum is not to your liking, consider the use of copper, brass, or stainless steel. By the way, when you are thinking of joining the backlit lobby signage movement that is sweeping the nation by storm, metal is the ideal material.

    Advertise, Brand, and Inform with Attractive Metal Post and Panel Signs

    Custom Metal Signs in Duluth GAThe post and panel setup is ubiquitous. One, two, or three column configurations accommodate hanging, flush-mounted, and elevated boards. One to three panels may feature information placed on the metal with a direct imprint or via an imprinted vinyl overlay. The preferred metal selection is aluminum composite. When treated with an anti-graffiti coating, you discourage taggers from pursuing their “art” simply by wiping off the scribbles when you discover them.

    ADA Plaques Combine Compliance with Great Looks

    Custom Metal Signs in Duluth GABecause signs complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) need to be touchable, ideal material options focus on acrylic and metal. However, when you want to add pizzazz to the product’s appearance, consider the display of cast metal plaques. The lettering is raised, as specified, while the Braille II dots look great against the textured background. Choose stark color contrasts that not only comply but also highlight the beauty of the metal.

    How to Stand out with Custom Metal Signs in Duluth GA

    Who knew that metal could be so versatile and instrumental in displaying your brand information? If we have piqued your interest in finding out more about metal business signs, contact our product customization experts today!

    Custom Metal Signs in Duluth GA