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    How to Choose the Size of Your Next Trade Show Booth

    There are those who claim that size does not matter. These folks have apparently never agonized over choosing the right size for a trade show booth. Go too large for the expected audience, and you spend too much money on a display that attendees will not fully appreciate. Go too small in another setting, and neither your excellent product demonstration nor crisp graphics get you much attention because you set up shop somewhere in the back. So, how do you pick the right setup size?

    Know the Options

    Trade show boothInline displays are popular among today’s exhibitors.

    • Eight-foot displays. The focal point is the backdrop. Choose from pop-ups, folding panel setups, or straight tube displays. Add a counter, hanging graphic, freestanding literature rack, lighting accessories, and you are ready.
    • Ten-foot booths. Believe it or not, but the two extra feet make a huge difference. Layer the backdrop for stylish pizzazz and add shelves to hold products. Bring in the same types of accessories already mentioned.
    • 20-foot setups. We recommend a gull wing or dual curvature backdrop. If you prefer to appoint one side for seating areas, where you can talk business with interested parties, place a column near the middle of the booth. Add tables, chairs, accessories, and a second counter.
    • 30-foot presentations. There are pop-up stores that have less space than this booth offers. Host product demonstrations on one end, conduct business meetings on the other and provide shelving space for browsing in the middle. The graphic design for the backdrop has to be perfect to create a cohesive setting for this large display.
    • Islands. The island exhibit catches the eye from across the room. Futuristic displays present your brand and broadcast your marketing message across the expanse of the trade show hall. Because there are multiple display surfaces, it pays to sit down with our graphic designers to plot the ideal visuals.

    Understand the Implications

    Trade show boothWhen you reserve your floor space, the expo hall’s representative will usually ask about the size of the booth. Typically, the largest booths receive prominent spaces near the entrance doors. The smallest presentations, on the other hand, go in the back where they rub elbows with their competitors who are also in small setups.

    It gets cozy back there. It also is crammed, and clutter accumulates quickly. If you attend an expo that caters to your particular business niche, it makes sense to have buffer space between you and your competition. On the other hand, if you attend a more general show that has a theme and welcomes plenty of companies to represent multiple niches, going smaller is fine.

    Order Your Next Trade Show Booth

    Trade show boothAn island is a significant investment in your business. The same goes for a 30-foot inline booth. When you present your company with a setup of this size, you can hurt your chances of drumming up more business next year if you downsize. Showing up with a smaller structure may have attendees wondering about your company’s fiscal health, whether you can meet deadlines, and have the budget to keep going. Talk to our experts today to figure out what the right selection would be for your business.

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