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    We Specialize in the Design of Acrylic Office Lobby Signs!

    There are typical office lobby signs; then, there are works of art that double as reception area signage. Whether you need an extraordinary design that impresses your clients or prefer to have something that gives the nod to the more traditional setup (without actually being all that standard), we can help. Best of all, we can do it with acrylic!

    Multi-panel Digital Prints Create Large Lobby Signs that Impress with Colors and Shapes

    Office Lobby SignsTypically, logo panel signs are ideally suited for larger wall spaces. But what happens when you have more height than width? The answer is simple: create a multi-panel sign that draws the eye upward. For example, we can imprint a vinyl overlay with a colorful message that features your logo and niche-specific images. The actual corporate name displays toward the bottom, which encourages the eye to travel up and down to take in the message’s entirety. Once applied to the back of a large, see-through acrylic panel, we cut the board into a number of equal pieces that we mount to the wall. Letting a little of your wall color shine through heightens the visual effect.

    Dimensional Panel Designs Incorporate Standoffs into the Look

    Office Lobby SignsEnvision the use of an acrylic panel that we dress up with a frosted vinyl material on the back. For the front, we add dimensional letters that spell out your company’s name. The logo we imprint on another acrylic panel with a frosted overlay. Rather than securing it to the main panel with invisible fastenings, we apply it with standoffs. This setup creates the sign-within-a-sign appeal. It looks great mounted to a wall or tall front desk. What makes this signage solution work is the use of a matte finish rather than a glossy polish.

    Logo Boards with Dimensional Letters Look Almost Traditional

    Office Lobby SignsThe emphasis here is on “almost.” We recommend the use of two acrylic panels. One displays with a white color. The other one, which can be mounted right on top, might show off the company’s name as dimensional letters. Go for a heightened 3D look by putting the logo underneath the second panel as an overlay mounted to the back. Installed with metal standoffs, the sign’s glossy surface impresses with its polished appearance when lit with spotlights.

    Logo Panels with Vinyl Overlays Present a Brand Message in Style

    Office Lobby SignsWhen you prefer an appearance of understated elegance, you cannot go wrong with a central transparent acrylic panel. Display your corporate information with a direct imprint or a vinyl overlay that covers the front. When installed with standoffs, brushed aluminum looks great, you allow for some space behind the product. With direct frontal illumination, you create an attractive shadow play of the letters and board’s borders itself.

    Finding out more about customized acrylic office lobby signs is a snap. Discuss your vision for the company’s next reception area marker with our business sign experts. We help you with the design of the product, manufacture it, and then install it professionally at your venue.

    Call us today to schedule a consultation!

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