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    Vehicle Wraps for Restaurants: Why Your Competitors are Welcoming More Guests

    You have been thinking about investing in vehicle wraps for restaurants. Nevertheless, you are always too busy to actually sit down and sketch out a design. Besides, trying to think through a design theme gives you headaches. Now, your closest competitor – with a wrapped vehicle or two – is expanding while your dining room is only half filled. Why?

    Wraps Work

    Vehicle Wraps for RestaurantsStudies have shown that 97 percent of polled consumers were able to recall an ad they saw displayed on the side of a truck. A similar percentage felt that the mere act of being introduced to a company with this advertising medium elevated their perception of the business. These numbers alone should give you pause. You will be hard pressed to find another marketing tool that generates this much recognition and so many positive opinions. If your competitors are advertising with vehicle wraps already, they are apparently harnessing the positive views of onlookers to turn them into guests. While you may have to play catch up, you can still get in on this deal!

    How Else Can You Tie in Social Media with an Ad Campaign?

    Vehicle Wraps for RestaurantsThe pictures happy guests post on your Yelp and social media pages are excellent indicators of your menu’s fan favorites. When you make these products’ popularity work for you, it is easy to suggest the sale. But how can you get the information to prospective customers? Some of your competitors have begun featuring these types of dishes on their vans, trucks, and other company vehicles. When the wraps’ lettering mentions that this is the meal everyone in town is talking about, it is natural for consumers to want to try these items, too. When they then continue the social media buzz around the product, it makes sense that tables and booths fill quickly.

    They Create a Need Only They Can Fill

    Vehicle Wraps for RestaurantsWhen a dish is unique to your venue, it becomes a signature dish. Displayed on the side of a vehicle, it makes the consumer hungry not just for the meal but for the experience associated with enjoying it. In short, you combine brand awareness with product knowledge for an irresistible “buy me” message. When your competition succeeds in doing so, you face an uphill battle. Once the other eatery expands its business model to include catering, keeping up with the influx of guests will most likely result in an expansion of the enterprise.

    Ready to Make Vehicle Wraps for Restaurants Work for You?

    Our business sign experts routinely work with small, mid-sized, and large eateries to put their branding and marketing messages on the sides of various vehicles. We can cover cars, vans, trucks, scooters, bikes, and trailers. And do not worry about putting together the layout. When you work with our full-service sign shop, you also have access to the services of our graphic artists. These professionals can work with graphics that you already have on file or create something entirely new from the ground up.

    Call us today to schedule a consultation appointment and learn more about the process!

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