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    Top 5 Reasons New Business Owners Need Vehicle Graphics

    Almost all new business owners agree that a building sign is a must-have when opening a first store or office. But a much smaller number of newcomers to the local business community realize that vehicle graphics can be just as vital. Why should you invest in mobile marketing now, when you just threw open the doors of your business location?

    Vehicle Graphics1. Hit the ground running. No matter what line of business you are in, when you drive down the street, you undoubtedly see competitors with wrapped vehicles. Even though you may have better deals or service options, the consumer will look more favorably on the business with the vehicle letters and graphics. It simply looks more established and therefore more trustworthy than the newcomer to the niche does.

    2. Build name recognition. Customers cannot remember what they do not see. If your basic white work van pulls up to the consumer’s home to handle a house-painting job, nobody will know your name. Even the customers may forget it later in the day when someone asks who did the great paint job on the home. However, when the van features colorful splashes of paint (in the form of vinyl spots), a niche explanation, and your corporate information, building name recognition is a snap.

    Vehicle Graphics3. Generate brand awareness. The brand message sets you apart from the competition. It tells the customer something about your values, which resonates with consumers. They feel good about buying from you because of a shared value. Fostering this awareness goes a long way toward influencing future buying decisions. For this reason, it is safe to say that branding can be more important, in some cases, than advertising with “buy me” messages.

    4. Support product knowledge. If you run a restaurant that also offers food delivery or catering services, you want the client to remember the dishes you sell. If customers have a difficult time doing so, they may order their next catered meal from a competitor inadvertently. Pull up at the targeted location with a treated vehicle. It features images of your dishes and a niche explanation that goes well with your corporate motto or tagline. In this way, you actively support the consumer’s ability to connect your name with a product.

    Vehicle Graphics5. Less expensive than other advertising options. A vehicle wrap might cost you $0.35 for 1,000 impressions. A newspaper ad is significantly more expensive. When you combine the two, you cannot help but remember that the paper is typically only around for a day. A wrap lasts five to seven years. The paper may not be read. In contrast, a well-designed vehicle graphics package is hard to ignore. Dollar for dollar, you are more likely to get more attention with a vehicle graphics package than with more traditional advertising approaches.

    Armed with the facts, you owe it to your new business to learn more. When you contact our vehicle graphics specialists, we show you what different design options entail. Call us today to schedule a consultation appointment!

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