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    Top 5 Uses for Custom 3D Foam Signs in Norcross GA

    Sign foam is the kind of material that is a lot tougher than it sounds. Although the term may not inspire confidence, consider that the lifespan of this signage solution has been measured in decades. Getting the same longevity out of wood may leave you disappointed. If you are thinking of adding custom 3D foam signs in Norcross GA, storefronts and offices, there are typically five uses that stand out.

    1. Dimensional Letter Lobby Signs

    Custom 3D Foam Signs in Norcross GADo you have a taste for a gorgeous dimensional letter copper sign for your lobby? Is your budget not quite there yet? Sign foam may be the ideal solution. When our technicians meet with you, they gladly take height and width measurements and offer suggestions for a perfect display. We can then construct a sign consisting of letters with these dimensions. After painting the style elements, we can add a thin metal (or acrylic) laminate to mimic the presentation of a solid metal or acrylic product.

    2. Dimensional Letter Building Signs

    Building signs can be a significant investment. But they do not have to be budget busters. In fact, we can create dimensional letter building signs by following many of the protocols we use for letter lobby signs. Some business owners have found that adding an imprinted vinyl overlay can result in the display of rainbow-colored lettering. Of course, the addition of laminates (or only paint) is another choice.

    3. Sandblasted Building Plaques

    Custom 3D Foam Signs in Norcross GASandblasted plaques make great building signs. They also work well as wayfinding markers and directional products. By applying maskings to the areas you would like to have stand out, the remainder of the material gets eaten away during the sandblasting process. Adding a decorative background texture at that time lets you mimic the appearance of wood. Once painted, the product can create the illusion of an old-World wood sign.

    4. Routed Business Signs

    Routing sign foam is a lot like engraving metal. It creates grooves that spell out the message. We typically fill the lines with paint for a heightened visual appeal. These signage solutions make great suite and wayfinding signs. They also provide display opportunities as point of purchase (POP) markers.

    5. Pre-formed Monuments

    Custom 3D Foam Signs in Norcross GAOur full-service sign shop works with the widely recognized authority in pre-formed foam monument signs. Doing so allows us to assist you with finding the ideal product solution for your business property. Because of the material’s versatility, you can ask for added embellishments that look like rocks, bricks, and even stucco. We work with you to find a design that not only passes muster with the zoning board but also suits your landscape design perfectly. We handle the installation and facing. Why opt for a material combination that you do not like as much when you have this option?

    Order Your Custom 3D Foam Signs in Norcross GA, Today!

    If we have piqued your interest in learning more about sign foam and its various applications, contact our business signage experts for assistance. We help you to narrow down your need, pinpoint the right presentation and put together an attractive visual layout. Call us today to get started on the project!

    Custom 3D Foam Signs in Norcross GA