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    3 Types of Retail Signage That Can Turn Around Lackluster Sales

    If the recent shopping season did not turn out the way you had hoped, your signage might be to blame. Does it engage the customer and offer information that has value beyond the brand or advertising message? Does it look eye-catching and nudge the shopper’s imagination? Three types of retail signage accomplish just that. Do you know what they are?

    Vehicle Wraps are Traveling Billboards

    Types of Retail SignageTransform the car, truck, or van associated with your company into a billboard that moves around the area. Although this is not an in-store sign, it takes your storefront’s message across town. Whether you are delivering products, meeting with buyers, or picking up merchandise from wholesalers, the use of an image treated vehicle makes a big difference.

    • Creates name recognition. Even prospective shoppers who do not usually visit your part of town now learn about your company’s name and product selection. Before long, your name becomes a household name even in areas where your shoppers do not usually live or work.
    • Generates brand awareness. If consumers do not know that you carry a particular type of merchandise, they do not bother to visit. But if they see your van drive by with the images of heating and cooling units displayed in full color directly on the sides, these shoppers may make the trip to your venue to check out your prices.
    • Makes you stand out in your field. It is interesting to note that not too many retailers are currently participating in the mobile marketing revolution. Service providers primarily use this advertising choice. Stand out in your retail niche by being one of the few retailers who do so as well.

    Point of Purchase (POP) Signs Encourage the Impulse Buy

    Types of Retail Signage
    Impulse buys occur when a buyer decides, on a whim, to pair a purchase with another product. Someone selecting a sweater may also purchase a jacket. If you offer sufficient POP signs around your storefront, you may be able to persuade the sweater customer to put together a budget-friendly ensemble. Use ceiling-mounted hanging banners, customized posters or retractable banners, illuminated tabletop displays, and wall graphics that support the marketing message.

    Aluminum A-frame with Banner

    Types of Retail SignageYou know the standard sandwich board. It sits in the path of foot traffic, slows down shoppers, draws attention to your advertising messages, and may reel in foot traffic. Now, envision this setup with a banner measuring 33 inches in height and 94 inches in width. Change out colorful banners at any time. This type of A-frame is so unusual that it cannot help but draw the eye of the shopper who approaches it. Some merchants have had excellent success with the combination of two banner A-frames they feature at an angle in front of their venues.

    Ordering Various Types of Retail Signage from a Full-service Sign Shop

    When you are ready to catch the attention and imagination of shoppers, our retail sign specialists can assist you. Contact us today to schedule a project appointment to learn more about your options, find out about the best signs for your particular business, and explore different materials. Call us!

    Types of Retail Signage