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    We Dive into the Fascinating World of Vehicle Wraps for Alpharetta GA

    When our clients ask us about buying vehicle wraps in Alpharetta GA, they already know the benefits that this marketing tool brings to the table. That said, they are frequently a little fuzzy about the options that are open to them. To highlight some of the display opportunities you have, our technicians have put together a frequently asked questions section about the vehicle wraps and their add-ons.

    Q: How does a full wrap differ from a three-quarter product?

    vehicle wraps in Alpharetta GAA: The full wrap incorporates the entirety of your vehicle’s surface in the design. Hood, back, doors, and sides become part of your marketing message. A three-quarter wrap leaves some space blank. It may still include your back and the hood, but it usually only covers the rear two-thirds of the vehicle, leaving some space on the doors and front fenders free. Of course, this design setup is not written in stone. You might choose to have us treat the front third and rear third with a scaled-down graphics setup in the middle. This presentation works very well for vans.

    Q: Do partial wraps offer me the same marketing benefits as full wraps?

    A: They can do so when they are designed correctly. The advantage of a full wrap rests in the visually irresistible look a vehicle presents when being fully covered in advertising that features images, lettering, and bold colors. To make a partial wrap just as eye-catching requires the expertise of a seasoned graphic artist with a good understanding of the current marketing climate in your niche and among the consumers of Alpharetta. (The Black Dog Sign Company does employ the services of these pros!)

    Q: How can I enhance the advertising message of my wrap?

    vehicle wraps in Alpharetta GAA: Whenever feasible, we recommend the addition of perforated vinyl window coverings for your rear glass panes. Imprinted with your marketing message, they continue the appearance of your advertising without allowing the windows to get in the way. In so doing, they succeed in presenting your ad in an even more compelling manner. Another suggestion we make is the addition of quick response (QR) codes that direct consumers to visit an optimized landing page of your website. Doing so lets you target this demographic with special offers, coupons, and newsletter sign-up opportunities.

    Q: Is it possible to advertise with a color-change wrap?

    A: Yes, it is! If your company features an iconic color that locals know, you may need very little text to get your point across. For example, a color combination of neon green and bright orange may become so familiar to the customer that just seeing a wrapped car, truck or van sporting these colors in the distance is enough to bring your business to the forefront of a shopper’s mind. (By the way, we also offer color-change wraps to individuals who are simply not happy with the look of their daily drivers. When your vehicle’s color and your personality are at odds, do not invest in a costly paint job. Instead, talk to us about a wrap that adds your specially mixed tone or even a carbon fiber look to the ride.)

    Get answers to additional questions about vehicle wraps in Alpharetta GA, by scheduling a design consultation with our graphic artists today!

    vehicle wraps in Alpharetta GA