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    Top 10 Benefits of Custom Fleet Vehicle Wraps in Lawrenceville GA

    Atlanta is about a half hour away from Lawrenceville. Several highways crisscross the area around this city. Imagine operating a fleet of vehicles that travel on the I-85, Georgia 316, and US 29 (to name a few). The exposure your company’s group of cars, trucks or vans enjoys is tremendous. Now, envision these same automobiles featuring fleet vehicle wraps. In Lawrenceville GA, investing in this advertising product is a smart move.

    Top 10 Benefits of Branding and Marketing with Customized Fleet WrapsFleet Vehicle Wraps in Lawrenceville GA

    1. Make a great first impression. We like to use 3M films for our fleet wrap projects. These products offer superior durability and come in a variety of material types that make them suitable for all kinds of applications. Whether you have box trucks or vans with curves, there is just the right film product out there. When 3M studied the effectiveness of wraps, its researchers found that 98 percent of polled consumers attributed a positive image of a business to the wrap.
    2. Reach consumers beyond the city limits. With so many cities nearby, you know that your brand information can travel anywhere you want it to go. Stay local or expand your service territory; it is up to you.
    3. Target specific demographics. If you decide to stretch out your territory, leverage your market research to position your brand advantageously. Reach out to the demographics your company targets, and place your fleet vehicles in areas where members of these groups work or play.
    4. Introduce a franchise. Franchise owners will find that establishing a new operation in the Lawrenceville area becomes a lot easier when you boost its name presentation via advertising in neighboring cities.
    5. Introduce your brand. For the entrepreneur, it makes sense to introduce a brand to consumers at large. Follow up your fleet vehicle wrap presentation by being a visible presence at trade shows and fairs.Fleet Vehicle Wraps in Lawrenceville GA
    6. Generate name recognition. If you are just starting out in business, putting wraps on your fleet vehicles – whether you have two or 12 – makes a lot of sense. The more exposure you provide your company, the quicker consumers accept you as a notable player in the local business community. When these same purchasers see your ad in a newspaper or on a door hanger, they may keep rather than toss the marketing material.
    7. Capitalize on after-dark traffic. Because 3M makes it possible to add reflective films to your setup, you can treat some or all of the graphics with this material. In so doing, you make some (or all) aspects of your marketing message stand out after dark. Motorists will do a double take when they see parts of your vehicles’ wraps suddenly reflect the light.
    8. Advertise seasonal promotions. Temporary 3M film products let you add seasonal specials for holiday advertising. We can remove them after the season has passed.
    9. Easy to fix. If one of your vehicles is ever in a fender bender, bring it to us after your mechanic fixed it. We can replace the affected vinyl panels and make the product look like new.
    10. Always on. No matter when and where your fleet vehicles are, the marketing messages are always on.

    Buy Fleet Vehicle Wraps in Lawrenceville GA

    Fleet Vehicle Wraps in Lawrenceville GAIf we have piqued your interest in learning more about adding full coverage graphics to your corporate fleet, contact our vehicle wrap specialists. We help you decide on a layout that makes sense and brands. Also, we explain the various options open to you to ensure a quick turnaround of your product. Call us today to schedule a consultation appointment!

    Fleet Vehicle Wraps in Lawrenceville GA