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    Making Offices Pop with the Lobby Signs in Johns Creek GA

    It is not easy to impress today’s consumer. Smart online marketing campaigns and visually rich TV commercials have raised the bar. For the business owner who succeeds in persuading a client to visit the office, setting the right tone and making an excellent first impression are key components to making the sale. With the right lobby signs in Johns Creek GA, you can accomplish just that. What are your options?

    Pick Your Overall Setup

    lobby signs in Johns Creek GAThere are two attractive lobby sign designs that the majority of clients pick out: dimensional letters or logo boards. Dimensional letters are advantageous when you have a larger wall space that needs a focal point display. Logo boards make a tremendous impression when your wall space is narrow or the substrate itself is not as flat as you need it to be to accommodate the even presentation of letters. (That said, we could mount dimensional letters to a logo board; technically, you do not have to choose one or the other design if you do not want to.)

    Select the Right Material

    lobby signs in Johns Creek GANo matter which basic setup you choose, the material selection makes a big difference in the way you get your brand message across to the consumer.

    • Metal. For the business that wants to present a stylish look with an air of sophistication, metal is the ideal material. Aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, and brass are just some of the options open to you. Flat-cut letters present with crisp edges that look professional.
    • Acrylic. Translucent acrylic is a favorite choice for board clients. With a frosted vinyl overlay installed to the back, its looks heighten the attention to the lettering we mount to the front. Flat cut acrylic comes in a rainbow of colors and imbues your space with an atmosphere of creativity.
    • PVC. Ideal for dimensional displays, PVC is a budget-friendly material that looks nice and is lightweight. Choose it for logo presentations.
    • Sign foam. When you envision a dramatic staging, you cannot go wrong with foam. We can cut the material to depths of up to three inches, which – when properly illuminated – generate a fantastic shadow play. We can paint the foam, add acrylic or metal laminates, or install an imprinted vinyl overlay.

    Alternative Lobby Signs that Pop, Too!

    lobby signs in Johns Creek GAAlthough these are the standard products our clients like to choose when ordering lobby signs in Johns Creek GA, there is now a growing number of business owners who want something different. When standing out is the name of the game in your niche, we can help you with lobby signs that you do not usually see anywhere else. Cases in point are cast plaques. Opt for the metal that best suits your taste and have us create a sign that is highly unusual.

    Another popular option is the use of vinyl graphics instead of a lobby sign. When incorporated with a mural, this signage solution not only pops but also makes a fantastic impact. Of course, when you are unafraid of being on the cutting edge of trendy, then lit signage, particularly channel letters, are the way to go. Sized for interior applications, these kinds of lobby markers have a definite wow factor.

    Contact us today to learn more about your signage options.

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