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    Outfit Public Buildings and Venues with Municipal Signs

    Our clients know us as the signage specialists for the local business community. But did you know that we also serve municipalities? Examples include local governments, state agencies, cities, and counties. When you need municipal signs, what are some of your options?

    Public Buildings Comply with ADA Signs

    Municipal SignsThe Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) does not exempt municipal buildings from displaying mandated ADA signs. On the contrary! As a result, these types of venues are typically exemplary when it comes to featuring wayfinding, directional, and safety signs that comply with the Act. Preferred materials include clear acrylic with raised letters, symbols, and Braille II dots that contrast against the wall backdrop. Another selection includes aluminum panels with black contrasting lettering.

    Monument Signs Identify Buildings, Parks, and Other Public Spaces

    Municipal SignsCities and public spaces managers favor monument signs that are easy to maintain. Typically, they commission products that respond well to power washing for annual upkeep. We recommend the installation of brick and mortar structures, which last for decades and need little maintenance. Acrylic and metal structures are another set of options for displays in areas where the weather is unpredictable.

    Post and Panel Signs Identify Entrances to Sea and River Ports, Airports, and Train Stations

    Municipal SignsMetal is the material of choice when commissioning public post and panel signs. Normally, the design selection does not stray too far from the classic board presentation between two posts. In some situations, a three-post and panel sign addresses visitors from all directions of traffic. Consider the addition of an anti-graffiti coating that protects the investment from unsightly tagging. Rather than replacing a board every time a tagger spray paints or scribbles on the product, simply wipe off the unsightly damage. Doing so also discourages a repetition of the event by the same person or other groups. Overall, it not only saves you money but also beautifies the area by making graffiti removal a snap.

    Wayfinding Signs Serve Residents and Visitors

    Municipal SignsMunicipalities have the duty to inform not just the resident but also the visitor with location-specific signage. These products take on the forms of illuminated blade signs mounted overhead for easy visibility, wall graphics, and street signs. There is a broad range of signage solutions for every venue as well as interior and exterior applications. In general, the use of aluminum or Max Metal is ideal for the majority of signage products. Within parks, zoos, botanic gardens, and arboretums, we adjust the look of the signage to the setting. When desired, we display the signs in multiple languages. Including scientific names of flora and fauna is no problem and a welcome addition to many venues.

    Ordering Your Municipal Signs Today

    The Black Dog Sign Company specializes in these signage solutions as well as a host of others. Examples include city signs, park markers, street and traffic signage, construction and road crew signs, parking lot sign displays, and other products. We serve the municipalities in and around Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Duluth, Norcross, Suwanee, Milton, Cumming, Sugar Hill, and Lawrenceville, GA.

    Call us today to learn more about your options and potential savings!

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