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    Options for Directory and Wayfinding Signs in Alpharetta GA

    The guiding principle for the design of your directory and wayfinding signs in Alpharetta GA, should be the combination of functionality with strong branding and marketing style elements. Anything less, and your signage selection falls flat. What are your options?

    Expressing a Brand

    directory and wayfinding signs in Alpharetta GAHow do you convey a brand message when the sign is functional rather than decorative? Start with corporate colors. Choose to include your company’s color palette in the design of the marker. If your colors are green and black, consider the design of a blade directory that displays them, too. Select a contrasting color, such as white, to provide the lettering. For a building directory, we recommend placing the company’s name and logo at the top of the sign. For a professionally managed building, consider putting the name of the building or a notation of the management company’s information at the top.

    Choosing an Intuitive Display

    directory and wayfinding signs in Alpharetta GAWhat is the easiest way for your customers or clients to navigate your corridors or buildings?

    • Symbol use. Select symbols that represent sought after destinations. At an airport, the use of a luggage cart with a suitcase would direct the traveler to the baggage area. In an office building, the use of a male or female stick figure usually represents the bathroom.
    • Lettering. Follow up the symbol with letters. Spell out the various departments or amenities that visitors to your venue seek out. When combined with symbols, this setup appeals to the broadest possible demographic.
    • Arrows. You can never go wrong with the use of indicators. Notice that freestanding directories near stairs or escalators usually point to departments that are above and below as well as to locations that are on the same floor.

    Designing the Signage

    directory and wayfinding signs in Alpharetta GASome wayfinding signs must meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). These rules usually govern the mounting locations and heights of the signs, color contrasts, and font selection. Our experts can tell you which wayfinding signs you need to bring in compliance.

    Other signs do not have to follow all of these guidelines. Usually, this refers to ceiling-mounted signs or those that you are displaying on the walls but above the heads of consumers. Another marker design involves the display of printed wall or window graphics that offer directional assistance. Once again, branding and arrow usage are excellent options.

    Putting Together Building Directories

    The directory guides your client or customer to the right floor and office. Choose a setup that allows for easy removal of outdated information. We usually suggest the selection of frames with blades that insert quickly and easily. When an office becomes vacant, simply turn over the leaf. If you add a new department, add a new blade with the imprinted information.

    Ordering Directory and Wayfinding Signs in Alpharetta GA

    Discuss your directional signage with our graphic artists. These professionals understand the needs of customers as well as the branding opportunities open to companies. We work with you to incorporate your messages into functional designs that add pizzazz to your space. In fact, why don’t you schedule a consultation today?

    directory and wayfinding signs in Alpharetta GA