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    Old School Point of Purchase Advertising is Still the Best

    Retailers have become rather inventive with point of purchase (POP) advertising products. Some now feature flashing lights, spit out coupons at passersby, and even play recorded messages when someone walks past the display. However, if you have noticed consumers’ reactions to them, these products fall flat. There is a better option. It means going back to basics and displaying POP signs that appeal to the consumer on a much more subtle level.

    Catch Them Outside

    Point of Purchase AdvertisingYou know the buy-me signs at the gas pumps? They feature an aluminum metal frame with a vinyl-covered printed insert that advertises the product in living colors. It encourages the consumer to “come inside” and “be refreshed.” These signs appeal to shoppers on the gut level. They remind of a need that the store can fulfill. You do not require a lot of spinning doodads to pull off this simple message. Instead, you only need the durable signage setup with a high-quality print that you change as often as you like. Go for the gusto by featuring a similar POP structure near the advertised product on the inside.

    Take Them to the Right Destination

    Point of Purchase AdvertisingOf course, when you really want to make it easy on the shopper, simply bring them to the location of the advertised products. Floor graphics are an easy and budget-friendly method of accomplishing this task. In an upscale setting, a number of welcome messages in a broad range of languages draw in shoppers to the product display. In a pet supply store, the use of cute paw prints achieves the same. Footprints or images of the products placed like breadcrumbs along the floors make it easy for interested buyers to not only end up at the right shelf but also notice complementing products along the way.

    Show it in Living Color

    Point of Purchase AdvertisingOf course, you can never go wrong with spelling out the “buy me” message of the quintessential old-school POP sign. That said, you do not have to rely on outdated technology to get it across. Attractive trade show banner stands double as well-designed POP signs that put shoppers in the mood to treat themselves. Place the stands near the product displays with a message that entices the customer to reach for the merchandise. Something as simple as “dessert first” can have a significant impact on the number of dessert items you sell.

    Choosing the Right Point of Purchase Advertising Products

    Which option is right for you? Our graphic artists gladly visit your location for a site survey that lets us give you suggestions based on measurements, overall atmosphere, and branding. As a general rule of thumb, consider that the size of the POP sign needs to be in keeping with the scale of the product. A pack of gum does not need an oversized banner display, but a floor to ceiling dessert wall does. We typically recommend freestanding signs simply because they give you the freedom to rotate displays as you see fit.

    In fact, call us to schedule a consultation appointment today!

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