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    Vinyl Decals for the Floor? Yes!

    One of the most under-appreciated surfaces for advertising messages is the floor. Retailers, service providers, and anyone with an office, warehouse, or storefront setting can benefit from the marketing power that vinyl decals bring to the environment.

    Behind the Colorful Advertising Messages

    Vinyl decalsThe materials we use for the manufacture of floor decals include textured vinyl or polyolefin. Usage usually determines the selection.

    • Durability. For the manufacture of short-term displays, usually these are decals for special promotions or the holiday shopping season, we suggest polyolefin. Graphics are suitable for indoor use and last for about a month. Vinyl generally lasts for one to three years, depending on its liner, thickness, and installation location.
    • Outdoor use. We prefer a specific kind of vinyl for outdoor applications. There, you can coax about three months of use out of the material. The product features slip resistance, which is a must when you have no control over wetness or moisture that may accumulate on the ground.
    • Substrate. We also base the vinyl and finishing treatment we apply on the type of substrate you have on the ground. Our materials are suitable for carpeting, rugs, unsealed concrete, and asphalt.

    Market and Brand with Floor-mounted Messages

    Vinyl decalsWhen you consider that plenty of consumers have their attention diverted to the ground because they are looking down at their phones, it makes good sense to feature advertisements that present their messages in the field of vision. Because of our protective laminate treatments, the graphics remain scuff free. Cleaning is a snap with mild soap and warm water. This setup ensures that the message your floor decal presents remains clearly visible, shows off vibrant colors, and catches the eye.

    Usage Possibilities

    With the winter holiday shopping season quickly approaching, we suggest the coordinated use of interior and exterior floor stickers.

    • Reel in foot traffic with product images. What is the hottest item everyone wants to buy this holiday season? Do you have the latest phone upgrade, running shoe model, or other merchandise that everyone is talking about? Even if you are still anticipating a delivery of this item, advertise it with an outdoor floor graphic. Add arrows or footprints that lead inside your store.
    • Seasonal messages. Make your business relevant based on the season. For example, accountants might install indoor floor stickers that advertise their assistance with tax issues.
    • Campaign tie-in. When you want to co-brand your store with a manufacturer’s label, display that company’s tagline and feature your symbol along the business’ logo. For franchise owners, this advertising opportunity presents another way that a uniform marketing campaign can involve all members of the business family.

    How to Order Your Floor Graphics

    Vinyl decalsContact our decal specialists to discuss the design of your graphics. We work with you to incorporate any images that you already have on file. If you prefer, we gladly create a new look from scratch. Choose from geometric shapes or opt for a contour-cut outline of a product, logo, or seasonal image. Call us today to schedule your consultation appointment.

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