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    New Trade Show Backwall Kits for Johns Creek GA!

    Do you suffer from display envy whenever you attend an expo and see what your competitors have cooked up to wow members of the local business community, customers, and media representatives? With our new trade show backwall kits for Johns Creek GA, you can give them a run for the money.

    Ten-foot Setup with Curves

    Trade Show Backwall Kits for Johns Creek GAFor the smaller booth, you typically need a backdrop that measures about ten feet. In the past, you may have combined three to five banner stands to show off something new. Maybe you had a collapsible backdrop setup. But this is the year of curves and anything but boring straight lines. With a reconfigurable exhibit, you can achieve the curves everyone loves and still change the look for the next trade show. Pillowcase fabrics imprint with your corporate information. A primary ten-foot display features three curved sections.

    Two Curves and a Straight Line

    Trade Show Backwall Kits for Johns Creek GAHowever, what happens when you need the straight-line element to feature a literature rack or product display? Another backwall kit offers you the option of playing around with two curved sections and one straight stand portion. The pillowcase fabrics easily slip over the framing. Because they zip shut at the bottom, visitors do not notice them. Once again, you can mix up the look simply by connecting the curved and straight sections differently. This is another great selection for a ten-foot booth.

    Boosting the Appearance of a 20-foot Serpentine Backwall

    Trade Show Backwall Kits for Johns Creek GAWhen we talk with our clients about their upcoming trade show displays, many mention that the straight-line setups they use for a 20-foot backdrop seem so dull. There is little visual excitement although it is roomy and allows for many displays and product demonstration areas. Why not choose an inline kit that you can reconfigure as needed to accommodate the arrangements you bring to each event? With a serpentine setup, you cannot go wrong!

    Choose a Horizontally Curved Wall that Breaks up into Individual Banner Stands

    Trade Show Backwall Kits for Johns Creek GACombine functionality with an engaging look by selecting a 20-foot display that lets you break up the pieces into 10-foot sections. If you want to try something different in a 30-foot display spot, this could be the ideal setup. Conversely, when you have an eye on using the elements after the event inside your lobby, this backwall kit delivers. Once against, the frames connect quickly and allow for smooth alterations. We imprint the fabric graphics according to your specifications.

    How to Order Your Trade Show Backwall Kits for Johns Creek, GA

    Discuss your plans for the upcoming trade show appearance with our expo specialists. We assist you with the design of a setup that is simply visually irresistible. If needed, we help you pair these backdrops with concave or convex banner stands. Add to this contemporary brochure racks and maybe a bar counter that also features this year’s hot curves, and you are ready to go! By the way, we can also assist you with incorporating last year’s display pieces as needed.

    Call us today to get started on your trade show setup!

    Trade Show Backwall Kits for Johns Creek GA