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    Browse Our Trade Show Catalog for Alpharetta GA Online!

    browse our trade show catalog for Alpharetta GA onlineThere is never a wrong time to browse our trade show catalog for Alpharetta GA, online. Whether you are getting ready for the winter holiday shopping crowd or are introducing your business at a spring show, having the right booth setups and individual components ready to go is a big plus. What are the must-have building blocks of a trade show display that hit all the right notes?

    Graphics are the Lifeblood of Your Display

    Whether they create the background of a gull wing booth design, or they form the visual interest of retractable banner stands, customized graphics are the key elements to a successful expo presentation.

    • Choose the right substrate. Depending on the design of your booth’s structure, you may require a fabric, poster board, or cardstock substrate. Rather than estimating the size and shape of the product, we recommend selecting the booth’s overall structure before customizing your graphics. Since each substrate brings different properties to your booth, we highly recommend mixing and matching for added texture.
    • Pick out your message. What is the primary message you want to get across to visitors? Focus on this brand or advertising communication as the central theme. If you add too many messages, such as advertising your company as well as product lines and new services, you may confuse the attendee.
    • Select the graphics angle. Do you want to go for full-color or black and white designs? Do you prefer the use of an accent color? Is there a hue that ties together the various style elements of your setup? Are you using real images or prefer to go for artistic renderings of products?

    Accessories Underscore the Message of a Display

    browse our trade show catalog for Alpharetta GA onlineWith the basic shape, size, and graphics angle of the trade show display picked out, now is a good time to think through the accessories that highlight the message you convey. A variety of light sources is always a good idea. Sure, there is plenty of illumination in the expo hall, but keep in mind that localized ambiance lights and product demonstration spotlights direct attention and set the mood for your display. They may not be needed for the attendee to see what you present, but they are vital for the impression you want to make.

    Other accessories include tabletop displays that spell out specs for your products or ingredients for any food items you sell. Overhead banners signal the presence of your booth in a way that folks can find you even if they are across the hall. Table throws support your company’s colors and offer you another opportunity at featuring your business’ name and logo.

    Picking out the Right Components at the Right Time

    As you browse our trade show catalog for Alpharetta GA, online, remember only to shop for the upcoming event. By the time you revisit an updated version of the catalog next year, consumers’ tastes will have changed, and the displays most likely feature different looks. That said, some products never go out of style. Customized table throws and lighting accessories are just two of them. To find out what else will always be a popular display item, contact our graphic artists today.

    browse our trade show catalog for Alpharetta GA online