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    Need Channel Letter Signs in Alpharetta GA?

    Do you need channel letter signs in Alpharetta GA? If you are an entrepreneur who shares the taste of many members of the local business community, the answer would be yes. For the professional who is unsure if this signage solution is suitable, we have put together a channel letter FAQ.

    Q: How do you build channel letters?

    Channel Letter Signs in Alpharetta GAA: We shape aluminum into letters that display your desired font. Depending on your selection of illumination, we close the front either with a polycarbonate facing or with aluminum. Our technicians paint the aluminum in a color that you select.

    Q: What are the illumination options?

    A: Channel letters are available as unlit products. That said, most clients pick a lit variety and opt for dimensional letters when choosing a building sign without built-in light sources. There are three primary illumination options.

    1. Light escapes from the front. We refer to these products as front-lit letters. The LEDs illuminate the polycarbonate from the back, which causes your corporate colors to present with a distinct vibrancy after dark.
    2. Light escapes from behind the letter. The result of this construction technique is the display of a halo. Bright light seems to bathe each letter in a circle of illumination.
    3. Combination. Combining both setups is possible. Although you lose a little in lighting strength, you gain in display appeal.

    Q: How do you install channel letters?

    Channel Letter Signs in Alpharetta GAA: There are three options.

    1. Flush mount. In this scenario, we install the letters flush to the wall, which creates a sleek appearance. To do so, our technicians need to have access to the letters’ backs from behind the façade. Also, the building material’s makeup must accommodate drilling multiple holes per letter.
    2. Raceway. If your building is not set up to allow access to the letters’ wiring or the lease expressly forbids a flush-mount installation, we offer the raceway option. In this setup, we mount the letters to a narrow box that contains the needed wiring. We paint the material in the same color as the façade, which makes it seemingly disappear.
    3. Panel. A third option is the panel installation. We can hide the raceway behind the panel if needed. Usually, our clients ask for this installation method when the color of the letters and the tone of the façade are too similar to allow the signage to pop. We paint the board in a color that corrects this problem.

    Q: How does the logo display?

    Channel Letter Signs in Alpharetta GAA: Our graphic artists design a box cabinet for the logo presentation. The construction is similar to the channel letter method. We shape the aluminum body to feature the outline of the logo; the polycarbonate displays the color you have chosen for this feature.

    Q: Can I pair channel letters with secondary signage?

    A: Yes, you can. We recommend the installation of customized window graphics or the display of an A-frame sign that underscores your brand message. Other options include window posters as well as banners.

    Please contact our graphic artists today to learn more about the installation of channel letter signs in Alpharetta GA.

    Channel Letter Signs in Alpharetta GA