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    What Are Your Options for Interior Signs in Alpharetta GA?

    Whether you run a medical office, a school, a retail establishment, or an office, there are some needs for interior signs in Alpharetta GA, that you have in common with other kinds of businesses. When company owners contact the experts at the Black Dog Sign Company to discuss outfitting a space with a first set of signage solutions, we usually focus on these markers. From there, it is a snap to customize signage to a particular niche. Do you know what the must-have signs are?

    Greet Customers with a Lobby Sign

    interior signs in Alpharetta GAEvery business needs a lobby sign. Sure, a retailer may not have the type of reception area that a law firm would feature, but the idea of welcoming clients to the location with a sign that expresses a branding and marketing message is the same.

    • Material options. Metal, acrylic, PVC, and foam are just a few of the most popular material selections. We also offer boutique options such as glass, wood, and HDU.
    • Presentation. Choose a logo board display or a dimensional letter setup. For the client who prefers something different, consider the installation of wall graphics that incorporate lettering showing off your company’s information.
    • Unique features. A new concept in lobby signage is an illumination alternative. Light escapes through the back of a sign for a halo effect or via push-through acrylic letters. This option is chic, contemporary, and adds plenty of pizzazz to your space.

    Wayfinding and ADA-compliant Signage

    interior signs in Alpharetta GAOnce you select the lobby sign, its design specifications set the tone for the other markers you place around your business. Among the most important ones are products that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). These signs feature adaptive components that allow customers with visual impairments to find their way around your storefront or office independently. Other directional markers to consider include exit signs above your doors, EVAC maps, and directories.

    Wall and Functional Window Graphics Brand the Space

    Wall graphics ran the gamut from sales-related decals to whole-wall murals that create a distinct atmosphere in your venue. You frequently see murals used in restaurants, bakeries, boutiques, and similar places where there is a need for a particular ambiance. Window graphics can follow suit. Perforated vinyl is ideal for window wraps that let you see outside but presents an advertising message to shoppers on the exterior. Privacy window films add etched and frosted shapes to your interior glass surfaces and doors as needed.

    Fabric and Mounted Prints are Finishing Touches

    interior signs in Alpharetta GAAnother tool for creating the right ambiance in your business is the use of printed fabrics and canvases. When you favor a muted wall color that brings out the design of your lobby sign, you can still enjoy splashes of color with printed fabrics and niche specific prints. Since the material comes in matte and satin finishes, consider the lighting conditions before making your choice. Matte surfaces do not fall victim to glare.

    If we have piqued your interest in outfitting your business with the right interior signs in Alpharetta GA, contact our experts today to schedule your design consultation.

    interior signs in Alpharetta GA