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    The Benefits of 3D Logo Lobby Signs in Alpharetta GA

    When discussing the primary benefits of 3D logo lobby signs in Alpharetta, GA, with representatives from the Black Dog Sign Company, the availability of countless materials and manufacturing methods are just the beginning. In fact, these eye-catching products turn heads in any reception area or foyer. What makes them so unusual?

    When the Customer Expects Flat, Give Them 3D


    Lobby and Logo Signs Alpharetta GA

    The typical dimensional letter is a flat-cut product that fits flush to the wall. Your customers have likely been conditioned to expect this type of presentation. But when you want to go for the wow factor, give your client something different. The three-dimensional letter is a departure from the norm and brings sophistication as well as pizzazz to your lobby. In some cases, it also provides that in-your-face attitude that makes a brand stand out.

    Choose a Material that Bespeaks Your Brand


    3D Logo Lobby Signs Alpharetta GA

    Is your company a wooden kind of business or more a plastic type of firm? The sturdy nature that wood hints at is a great asset to a service establishment with an eye on having consumers transfer the material’s quality onto the brand. For an investment firm, metal letters hint at the longevity of the enterprise that would be of interest of clients. Software engineers, on the other hand, like to use plastic in its various forms to allow their creativity to shine through.

    When the cost of the material might make your presentation fall flat, consider foam to be your go-to selection. Its lightweight qualities allow for impressive depths of up to three inches, and the option of adding metal or plastic laminates opens doors to the creation of the right branding message.

    From Colorful Zing to Understated Elegance: Installations Matter, Too


    Lobby Signs with Logos Alpharetta GA

    Reaping the full benefits of 3D logo lobby signs in Alpharetta, GA, calls for an expert eye regarding the right type of installation as well.

    Horizontal appeal. When Papa Murphy’s Pizza added its signature look to the walls of the eatery, it limited the vertical space for the display with a chair rail and a vinyl mural. Going lengthwise rather than upward was, therefore, the call of the hour. By placing the letters in between the two style elements with just a little preference giving to a height display, installers succeeded in branding the business, creating a visually pleasing image, and allotting plenty of space for the presentation.


    Logo Lobby Signs Alpharetta GA

    Combinations work. Artiface’s dimensional letters could have fallen flat against the striped wallpaper background. By adding an artistic swirl in the form of a vinyl wall graphic, installers artfully avoided this problem and heightened the eye’s pleasure at taking in these dimensional letters.

    Boards make great backdrops. When the wall is not an ideal substrate for your dimensional letter and logo combo, add a board to the mix. Select a color that provides a contrast to both the sign’s style elements and the wall. Hanging this board may actually increase the three-dimensional effect of the presentation by allowing for artful shadow displays.

    If we have inspired you to see your lobby sign with new eyes, contact our graphic artists for assistance with designing a product that pops, brands, and creates a compelling display in your business. Let’s get started on this project today!

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