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    Advertise with Promotional Flags in Milton GA

    The outdoor flag is the quintessential advertising tool. It is also a favorite on the trade show circuit. When you invest in promotional flags in Milton GA, what can you do with them? How can you make the best use of these signage products?

    Know Your Flag Shapes!Promotional Flags in Milton GA

    • Straight. The straight part of the name refers to the bottom portion of the flag, which features a straight-line cut. The top is slightly curved.
    • Feather. This shape decreases the rail’s curvature. It imitates the appearance of a bird’s wing feather with a slight curve at the bottom.
    • Edge. Think of an elongated rectangle, and you envision the edged flag display.
    • Teardrop. The teardrop shape features a curved rail that holds the fabric in the form that mimics a drop.

    Why Does Shape Matter?

    Promotional Flags in Milton GAIf you consider presenting two straight edge flags that face each other, you have the ideal display for an entrance. Conversely, place five teardrop flags one right next to the other, and you can present a company’s name, logo, and an advertising message. Heights vary from seven feet to about 18 feet. Bigger is, of course, better when you intend to place the products near a roadway. We suggest going for the slimmer shapes or the edge presentation. This selection has the advantage of providing you some extra space to show off a tagline or motto. But closer to your locale, it makes more sense to bring the size down just to make it easier for those standing near the entrance to take in the message as well.

    Durability and Advertising Opportunity Go Hand in Hand

    Promotional Flags in Milton GABecause the flag material itself consists of knit polyester, you know that these products can handle inclement weather, the wind, and anything else nature might throw at them. What sets apart advertising with a flag from advertising with an A-frame or similar sign is simple: movement. Even slight breezes cause the material to ripple just a little. This motion is a guaranteed eye catcher.

    Plenty of companies now look to those products as means of advertising their merchandise and services.

    • Incoming businesses. If you are moving into Milton, or relocating within the city, having flags along your company’s storefront or office building is a must. Present your logo, name, and a niche explanation if needed. Another excellent presentation option is a limited time offer to celebrate your grand opening.
    • New product lines. For the retailer who adds a new product line to the store’s overall setup, it pays to make it known quickly. Beat competitors to the punch. On the other hand, if you are catching up with competing businesses, make a big deal of the availability of the goods at your location now, too.
    • Seasonal merchandise. Use promotional flags in Milton GA, to advertise seasonal products or services. Whether you are getting ready for the winter holiday shopping season or offering cyclic dishes on a restaurant menu, these flags bring in the foot traffic.

    Call us today to learn more about your options and to schedule a design consultation!

    Promotional Flags in Milton GA