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    Just in Time for the Christmas Shopping Rush: Portable Exhibit Displays

    Advertising your products during the holiday shopping season presents retailers and service providers with three distinct challenges.

    1. Relevance. How do you demonstrate to the shopper that your product or service is relevant to their holiday buying needs?
    2. Agility. You may, unexpectedly, receive a large shipment of this year’s hot product. How do you re-position your displays and signage to market the merchandise?
    3. Sales boosts. How do you capitalize on a steady flow of foot traffic to increase sales?

    The answer to these queries is surprisingly simple. Portable exhibit displays, which you frequently use for trade show presentations, work just as well in the retail setting as in the lobby of service providers.

    Folding Display Panels Turn Tables into Information and Advertising Hotspots

    Portable Exhibit DisplaysWhat sets apart these folding displays from the ones you may have seen at a child’s science fair is the double-sided polyester fabric covering that allows for Velcro displays. Tabletop models measure a little over three feet in height and allow for the display of customized panels. Add graphics, lettering, photos, and similar advertising materials. We recommend pairing folding display panels with custom table throws.

    Table Throws Feature Brand Information

    Portable Exhibit DisplaysCombine your company’s branding with the product information you present. Co-branding is an excellent method for generating product awareness in the minds of shoppers. When they seek out the merchandise you sell, they remember seeing it alongside your store’s information. If you decide to order holiday-themed throws, we recommend the integration of at least one corporate color to include your branding along the way.

    Literature Racks Create Visual Points of Interest

    Do not mistake the contemporary literature rack with yesterday’s tired clear acrylic brochure pocket. Granted, there are some similarities, but today’s rack is a combination of a post and panel setup with an attractive brochure or leaflet holder that becomes part of the display almost organically. The panel functions as an eye-grabbing feature that draws in the shopper and creates interest. If you are selling technical equipment or expensive merchandise that may not be an impulse buy for most customers, the mere availability of printed information works in your favor when the buyer makes a decision.

    Display Counters are Branded Demonstration Surfaces

    Portable Exhibit DisplaysSure, you could use a display counter only to feature a product, but why? Consider that the imprinted pillowcase fabric or inserted poster boards – depending on the model you select – produce an exciting display setting inside your venue. It gets the attention of shoppers. Why not capitalize on their attention by having an associate demonstrate the benefits of the merchandise, answer questions, and suggest product pairings?

    Banner Stands Function as Point of Sale Signage

    Portable Exhibit DisplaysThe point of sale sign is an excellent marketing tool that suggests last-minute merchandise pairings for heightened enjoyment. Ask simple questions – “did you remember batteries?” – or make concrete buying suggestions. For the latter, keep the banners and their stands closer to the shelves where you stock the products.

    Order Your Portable Exhibit Displays Today!

    It is not too late to place your order for this year’s Christmas shopping signage. Contact our experts today to discuss your marker needs!

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