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    Lightbox Cabinets Deliver Superior Brand Recognition

    Business owners know that building signs are instrumental in leading consumers to their companies. Although channel letters are among the most popular signage options, lightbox cabinets are not that far behind. What makes this signage solution so popular?

    Design Specs Adjust to Your Needs

    Lightbox CabinetsThe typical box cabinet sign takes on a rectangular shape. But if you want something different, our experts can help. Because the sign’s body consists of an aluminum frame, we can shape it into any form you like. Some companies have excellent success with selecting the appearances of their logos. Others opt for niche-specific presentations.

    To enhance the attention consumers pay to the product, you have three distinct facing choices.

    1. Flat face. We use a flat acrylic sheet to close off the cabinet’s front. The edges of the product are flush with the structure’s front. We can imprint your information directly onto the material or use a vinyl overlay that features your details.
    2. Pan face. In this setup, the material adds a depth of a little more than an inch that protrudes over the cabinet’s edge. Doing so is ideal if the LEDs inside the cabinet would be too close to the acrylic surface.
    3. Embossed pan face. For a more prominent three-dimensional display, we recommend the use of a pan face that features embossed style elements. By presenting raised letters and logo presentations alongside a custom paint job, you succeed in catching the consumer’s eye and creating a favorable impression.

    Mounting Options and Accessories for Electrical Cabinet Signs

    Lightbox CabinetsThe standard installation is flush mounting the product to a building’s wall. The cabinet advertises the business and adds illumination to the mix. However, not all of our clients need this type of display. Another option is the pole mount. For this scenario, we recommend a double-face presentation because consumers approaching your business from two directions can now see the information. This setup benefits companies near highway off-ramps and those with little traffic going past their locations.

    Integrate a box cabinet into your monument sign. There, it serves as a lit signage solution that beckons to motorists.

    By the way, did you know that you could combine a box cabinet construction with the message capabilities of a changeable reader board? Known as LED reader boards, these signs let you change the messages remotely from your computer. Opt for scrolling text and, depending on the board’s specifications, add graphics to the mix. When integrated into a box cabinet, you achieve effective brand communication alongside proactive marketing. That said, conventional reader boards are still a thing, and you can pick one of these if the idea of the LED scroller just does not appeal to you.

    Buy Lightbox Cabinets for Your Building

    Lightbox CabinetsWhen you want to put the branding and marketing capabilities of an electrical cabinet to work for your business, contact the backlit signage specialists at the Black Dog Sign Company. We serve the business communities in and around Lawrenceville, Duluth, Alpharetta, Norcross, Suwanee, Milton, Cumming, Johns Creek, and Sugar Hill, GA. Call us today to discuss the design of your building sign!

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