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    Advertise with Vehicle Lettering and Decals in Alpharetta GA!

    The car, truck, or van you use in the course of doing business can become your company’s greatest asset when advertising. At the same time, it can become the firm’s most significant missed opportunity. The Black Dog Sign Company routinely works with members of the local business community who see a marked increase in consumer interest after installing vehicle lettering and decals in Alpharetta GA. When you are ready to get in on this action as well, here is what you need to know.

    Understanding the Power of Mobile Marketing

    vehicle lettering and decals in Alpharetta GAStudies have proven that vehicles treated with advertising messages are highly memorable. Polled consumers who saw these vehicles are almost always able to recall the name of the company that advertised. Additionally, these same would-be customers report having formed a positive opinion of the business – even though they never actually interacted with the enterprise. When entrepreneurs understand the potential power that is theirs for the taking with the right set of customized letters and graphics, they quickly get on board.

    Lettering: What should it Say?

    vehicle lettering and decals in Alpharetta GAChoose vinyl lettering that features your corporate colors or a tone that stands in stark contrast to the vehicle’s paint job. For example, a red truck will do well with white lettering. When thinking through the message you want to send to the consumer, remember that less is frequently more.

    • Company name. Always display a business’ name. Unless the logo is so well known that everyone immediately connects it to your company, it makes sense to present the full name alongside it.
    • Contact information. How do you want consumers to get in touch? The majority of our clients list phone numbers. Some add a website or email address, too. Doing so allows for online interactions that can lead to additional exchanges between the customer and your brand.
    • Niche explanation. Unless the company’s name makes it very clear what line of work the firm is in, consider adding a brief description. Outline what your business does.
    • Differentiation. Although optional, it makes sense to show consumers how your company differentiates itself from competitors. Include a mention of the service area or a list of jobs you undertake that others in your line of work do not.

    Designing Decals Consumers Notice

    vehicle lettering and decals in Alpharetta GAWorking with our professionals ensures that the decals you display on the company car are head turners. Once again, color contrasts matter. Even though you might choose to feature tones that are close to the vehicle’s paint job closer toward the center of the decal, keep the outer edges in stark contrast with the car’s hue. A must-have graphic is the logo. We always place it close to the business’ name to enhance brand awareness among customers.

    The majority of decals focus on the presentation of the colors and logo style elements. A few combine with lettering for a boost. These are spot graphics that look great on the hood, the sides of the vehicle or even on the roof (when you deliver or work in an office park where potential customers are situated on the upper floors). Of course, one size does not fit all. Contact our graphic artists today to learn more about vehicle lettering and decals in Alpharetta GA, to find out whether contour cut decals are best, and to learn how we apply the products so that they draw the eye of the consumer.

    vehicle lettering and decals in Alpharetta GA