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    The Untapped Gold Mine of Pole Banner Displays

    Did you know that malls and car dealerships are the two industries that have caught on to the effectiveness of pole banner displays early on? Few other businesses are currently using this advertising signage, which makes it perfect for catching the eyes of your prospective customers! Featuring these marketing solutions on your property quickly gets the attention of passersby and motorists. What do you need to know about this product today?

    Q: Who can use pole banners?

    Pole Banner DisplaysA: As we already discussed, these products are frequently seen around malls and vehicle dealerships. But they are also suitable for school campuses, parking lots, convention centers, museums, medical facilities, streets and parks, as well as manufacturing plants.

    Q: How big are the banners?

    A: Sizes vary; in fact, our graphic artists suggest customizing this signage solution with your message, display location, and other installed marker products in mind. Typical measurements range from 9 inches by 6 inches to 36 inches by 90 inches. Hand in hand with size customization is the shape choice. Pick a rectangular look, opt for an angled design, or select a rectangle with peaks or rounded ends. When you choose to customize the appearance even more, we can partially contour-cut the product to draw attention to a logo or symbol style element.

    Q: What are popular uses?

    Pole Banner DisplaysA: It is interesting to note that you can use these banners as wayfinding signs, product or business advertisements, special event markers, or seasonal displays. Because you have so many options open to you concerning size, it makes sense to commission pole displays with varying purposes in differing sizes. For example, a financial institution’s pole banner that points the way to an ATM does not need to be as tall as a college campus’ banner that outlines the advantages of enrolling at this particular school.

    Q: Do the brackets fit my light poles?

    A: If your poles have a diameter of at least three inches, they will fit just fine. In fact, you might also consider installation of these products to walls. When mounted in a perpendicular display, the signage stands out and makes it easy for passersby and motorists to notice it. This installation method is an excellent workaround when you do not have poles on your property.

    Q: Why should I invest in pole banner displays?

    Pole Banner DisplaysA: In a word: longevity. When other signage solutions wear out, the material keeps going strong for years. This quality makes it an outstanding product for your seasonal advertising, which you can re-use year after year. Because we use top-of-the-line banner material that neither wrinkles nor attract mold formation, the markers look vibrant and eye-catching every time you mount them. When you change displays, the different colors and features are sure to keep consumers interested.

    If we have inspired you to consider a fully customizable banner display solution that not too many other companies are currently using, contact our graphic artists to find out more about these products and to schedule a design consultation. Advertising, communicating your brand message, and welcoming targeted demographics with your made-to-order wording has never been easier!

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