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    The Secret to Branding with Metal ADA Signs in Alpharetta GA

    The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is the kind of law that confuses business owners. Metal is the kind of material everyone wants for his or her signage products. Interestingly, few request it by name because they fear the cost associated with it. In addition, far fewer recognize the full branding potential that this signage option brings to the table. Cases in point are metal ADA signs in Alpharetta GA.

    Combine Form with Function to Appeal to All Visitors

    In the hospitality trade, there are frequent changes to room uses. Dividers adjust room sizes, which results in door signs being more or less accurate. How do you deal with this problem against the backdrop of compliance with the law? More importantly, how can you make these signs functional for all visitors and staff members? Easy!

    • Choose a slot design. Insertable slot plugs let you display the names of the events that you host in the rooms and suites of your venue. Remove them as needed and replace them with updated information. Because these portions of the sign are always changing, they do not have to meet ADA standards.
    • Select a primary brand color. The sign directing visitors to the various breakout rooms, however, must comply. Choose the main brand color you use. Next, we help you pick out another brand color that represents the perfect contrast tone. A cast plaque is your best selection because it allows for the display of raised room numbers and directional arrows.
    • Feature a matte texture. We always recommend a matte finish because it prevents the glare from artificial and natural illumination that makes light colors difficult to read.

    Layering Creates an Eye-catching Appeal

    Metal ADA Signs in Alpharetta GAWhen you layer metal on metal, you create an attractive visual display. But when you layer metal and acrylic, you might just be showing a work of art. Precision-tooling bronze, brass, or aluminum makes it possible to achieve the crisp lettering the ADA requires while also bringing background images to life. Add custom colored acrylic to the mix for a display that is eye-catching and visually stunning. At the same time, it fully complies with the ADA.

    Superior Print Quality Turns Room Labels and Suite Signs into Wall Art

    Metal ADA Signs in Alpharetta GANiche-specific images are something you would typically display as parts of a vehicle graphics package for branding purposes. Why not bring them inside and use them for room labels or suite signs? For example, a school’s music department might feature an instrument as a Giclee print on a tooled metal plaque that features the raised room number and functional description alongside the Braille II dots. The colorful image is not part of the actual display, which shows white on black for ideal color contrast, and therefore complies.

    How to Buy Metal ADA Signs in Alpharetta GA

    We routinely work with business owners who have a vision for bringing the beauty and sophistication of metal to their companies’ interiors and exterior while communicating their brand messages. Compliant ADA signage is one step toward achieving this goal. Because compliance is an exact science, we recommend working with our business sign experts on these projects. Not only do they know how to achieve the color contrasts and font designs you need, but they can also provide you with the artistic know-how to bring your brand message to life in the process.

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    Metal ADA Signs in Alpharetta GA