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    Read Our Alpharetta Barricade Graphics FAQ Section Today!

    Incoming mall retailers are among the most successful business owners when it comes to advertising their venues and creating a buzz well before opening day. If you are wondering how you can replicate some of their success for your company’s new location, read our Alpharetta barricade graphics FAQ section for answers and insights.

    Q: What are barricade graphics?

    Alpharetta barricade graphicsA: Mall management companies seek to prevent ongoing renovations from disrupting the atmosphere they strive to create within their shopping centers. To do so, they require incoming retailers to erect a barricade in front of their storefronts that bars any view into the space. Usually made from plywood, this temporary wall is the ideal substrate for vinyl decals or wraps, which we refer to as barricade graphics.

    Q: What do you put on the graphics?

    Alpharetta barricade graphicsA: When you consider that these barriers are large, there is plenty of room to put a lot of information. We usually focus on four distinct areas of marketing and branding.

    1. Name recognition. If you operate a franchise, open a second or third location of an existing business, or intend to welcome shoppers to your very first storefront, you need to get your name out. We recommend a combination of your company’s name and logo to take the center of the display.
    2. Brand awareness. Using corporate colors as much as possible is an excellent method for reinforcing brand awareness. When you succeed in having shoppers look at a particular tone and immediately associate it with your company, you know you have accomplished your goal. Consider using a primary corporate color for the backdrop hue.
    3. Product knowledge. Our experts have noticed that business owners who display images of products they sell usually have higher turnouts on opening day. If you open a restaurant, depict your menu board and add photos of your dishes. Presenting larger than life images is an excellent idea. Support shoppers’ product knowledge by highlighting details with lettering.
    4. Opening date. Although “Coming Soon” is fine, it is always best if you have a known opening date that you can advertise on the graphics.

    Q: Is there an outdoor version of these signs?

    Alpharetta barricade graphicsA: Sure! We can use specialty vinyl for exterior applications and wrap a temporary barricade set up in front of your business. Another option is the display of window wraps or graphics for your storefront. If the building is undergoing extensive construction and you have a fence placed around the property, we usually create vinyl mesh banners that feature much of the information we previously discussed.

    Q: Do Alpharetta consumers respond well to these types of branding signs?

    A: Yes, they do. The combination of vibrant colors, eye-catching images, and succinct wordings presents a branding product that appeals to the shopper on multiple levels. The artistry may grab the eye, but the message holds the attention. The trick here is to design the style elements in such a way that they offer something new to see as the shopper walks past the barricade. Because of the larger size of these setups, this is usually not a problem.

    In fact, call us today to set up an appointment, and we show you what we mean!

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