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    How to Protect a Vinyl Wrap from Scratches and Material Failure

    By taking advantage of the advertising opportunities that a vehicle wrap offers to your business, you now regularly display your marketing information on a mobile billboard. You have full control over the location and the duration of its exposure there. Also, the product will likely last you for about five to seven years, which ensures that your message gets out day or night, rain or shine, holiday or workday, for any consumer who is there to notice it. With that said, remember that you need to take an active hand in maintaining the vinyl. For this reason, we have put together a small tutorial about how to protect a vinyl wrap.

    Set up a Regular Cleaning Schedule

    How to Protect a Vinyl WrapAt the end of each shift, inspect the vehicle for contaminant buildup. Maybe you parked your work truck under a tree and notice sap on the hood. Then again, another driver may have splashed your delivery van with mud. When you spot clean detritus as it happens, you do not have to worry about problems later on. Wash the vehicle in its entirety at least once a week. If it looks dirty in between washes, do not be afraid to wash it twice in one week.

    Use the Right Cleaning Materials

    How to Protect a Vinyl WrapBecause we typically rely on 3M vinyl films for the creation of our wraps, it makes sense to follow the cleaning supply recommendations of the manufacturer.

    • Detergent. 3M experts suggest using its Car Wash Soap 39000. Other products that the manufacturer recommends include Deep Crystal Car Wash and Meguiar’s NXT Generation Car Wash.
    • Contaminant softener or remover. The manufacturer lists 3M Citrus Base Cleaner and Meguiar’s Gold Class Bug and Tar Remover.
    • Restoration options. For the typical glossy look of a commercial wrap, the company lists 3M Perfect-It Show Car Paste Wax 39526 as a great restoring tool. Bring back the good looks of a matte wrap with two parts isopropyl alcohol mixed with one part of water.

    Take a Common Sense Approach to Protecting the Wrap from Scratches and Material Failure

    How to Protect a Vinyl WrapScratches are the biggest danger for any car’s finish or wrap. Resist the temptation to remove dirt with a fingernail rather than a soft, wet sponge. Because a wrap typically consists of a number of vinyl panels, always use a sponge rather than a high-pressure nozzle hose to clean the vehicle. Water at high pressure can dislodge a seam and allow water and dirt to get underneath the vinyl, which will result in material failure. By the way, wait until the vehicle is cool before washing it. When the plastic heats up because of daytime temperatures, it has a little more give that may result in stretching if you push the material too much.

    How to Protect a Vinyl Wrap from Detritus Damage Not Mentioned in the Tutorial

    Do you still have questions about the regular care and maintenance of your vehicle vinyl wrap? Maybe you are facing a situation that is unique to your setting. Our technicians are always happy to answer your questions. Call us or email us. If all else fails, please stop by!

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