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    Must-Know Vehicle Wraps Statistics for Business Owners in Alpharetta GA

    Over the last few weeks, we have posted a lot about vehicle graphics, their design intricacies, and how they can help your company to present its marketing and branding messages. Now is the time to talk about vehicle wraps statistics, dollars, and cents.

    Where do the Figures Come From?

    Vehicle Wraps StatisticsWe use information provided by 3M. This company manufactures the vinyl films we use to print your graphics for wraps and similar products. Because the enterprise wanted to gauge the effectiveness of its materials, it compiled previously done studies and also conducted its own interviews. The results speak for themselves.

    Wrap StatisticsVehicle Wraps Statistics

    • 16 Million. The number of annual impressions a graphics-treated truck might generate in an intra-city setting. While the figure is not a guarantee, it presents a good average to gauge the effectiveness of the product.
    • 97 Percent. The number of surveyed consumers who were able to recall an ad that they saw featured on a truck. This level of recall is difficult to generate with other media.
    • 40 Percent. The numerical increase of annual impressions when a vehicle owner decides to use reflective graphics. Because these products make it possible for advertisements to look crisp and fresh day and night, it makes sense that any company with a 24-hour service model will greatly benefit from this investment.
    • $0.48. The cost of fleet graphics per 1,000 impressions. For a single vehicle, you are looking at $0.35. Compare this to $7.75 to reach 1,000 folks with a radio spot, and it is clear that you are far more likely to be in better control of the 1,000 you reach with the wrapped vehicle – at a fraction of the cost.

    What Statistics Do Not Say

    Vehicle Wraps StatisticsThen there are the facts that you cannot actually put into numbers – even though you know that they exist. For example, when your closest competition has already begun advertising with mobile marketing and is gradually moving an entire fleet of vehicles onto this plan, will you remain as competitive if you elect to keep your trucks, vans, and company cars factory white? Common sense tells you that your competitor will quickly eclipse you with respect to name recognition, brand awareness, and product knowledge among your targeted demographic.

    Statistics also cannot put into figures the number of clients you find simply because someone saw your wrapped vehicle. Even if you ask your new customers how they heard about you, some may answer that they got your number from a friend or family member. But this person might have seen your wrapped vehicle and jotted down the information or taken a picture of the truck. In short, your wrapped vehicles may be successfully marketing, and you do not even know it!

    How Will You Respond to These Vehicle Wraps Statistics?

    Business owners in Alpharetta, GA, can contact our graphic artists to learn more about the statistics and how they could apply to their companies. Find out how the use of mobile marketing might benefit your business now and in the future when you add more vehicles to a fleet. Call us today to discuss your questions!

    Vehicle Wraps Statistics