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    Digital and LED Signs Take Marketing to the Next Level

    Envision the lobby of your business. Imagine if some of the advertising presentation could change at the drop of a hat or click of a mouse. What would happen if you presented your customers with targeted marketing messages rather than subscribing to the commercial cable channels that pipe daytime TV or news stations into the lobby? Looking to the outside, could you increase the reach of your brand with scrolling images or changing advertisements? The technology of digital and LED signs makes it possible.

    Understanding LED Signs

    LED SignsTo many business owners, digital signs are newfangled products that turn a decent company into a Vegas-style circus. This assumption is not valid. The technology employs LEDs that are inexpensive to operate. Choose the resolution of the images by picking out the pixel pitch that suits your need and budget. You control the images that your customers will see. If you like a Vegas look with flashing colors and plenty of action, you can make the display happen. If you instead favor a monochrome look or scrolling display, you are in control of the signage. We recommend using larger signs for video features and instead relying on smaller signs for lettering content.

    Examples of LED Signage that Attracts Attention

    LED SignsTime displays. You typically see the LED marker featuring an alternating time and date display built into a monument sign. There, the product’s changing information catches the eye of the consumer and offers a value-added display that enhances the company’s corporate name and logo exhibit.

    • Announcements. These products look great on a pylon or monument. Announce the start of the next class, the special of the evening, room openings at hotels, or mortgage interest rates at a real estate professional’s office. Because the presentation informs the customer, which consumers like, it is not considered an annoyance.
    • Scrolling signs. You see these signs frequently in the windows of mini-marts, gas stations, and similar venues. There, they encourage consumers to buy lottery tickets, take advantage of buy-one-get-one offers, or try the latest line of products. Choose single or triple color displays.
    • Digital signage. Appeal to a captive audience. Examples include shoppers standing in line at the customer service desk to discuss layaway items or product returns, motorists waiting in the tire shop’s lobby to get their vehicles back, and banking clients who wait for the next available teller. Offering diversions in the forms of digital screens is a fun way to make the wait less frustrating. But rather than showing canned movies, feature your current promotions, introduce new products, and offer simple how-to tutorials that capture the interest of your customers.

    Ordering the Right Product

    LED SignsWhen you are ready to give LED signs a closer look, get in touch with our experts to talk through the display options. We show you examples of what these products look like, how you can incorporate them into your already existing advertising setup, and how these items can make your brand stand out like never before. Contact us today to get started on the project!

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