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    Branding with Sandblasted Wall Signs? Here is What You Need to Know!

    Sandblasted wall signs combine artistry, durability, and style to create a timeless marker that presents your brand message as succinctly today as it will in a decade. You may have already seen these products attached to the facades of law firms, veterinary offices, and retail locations. In fact, because of the items’ artistic merit, plenty of historical societies have no problem with these displays as building signs. So, what do you need to know about this product today?

    Material Choices

    Sandblasted Wall SignsWe like high-density urethane (HDU) for all kinds of applications. It is a synthetic material that is waterproof, which makes it ideal for outdoor uses. Because of this feature, it does not rot or allow mold to grow in its grooves. Prolonged sunlight exposure or low winter weather temperatures do not affect the performance of the material. There is no cracking, peeling, or fading.

    The other material you might choose is wood. Obviously, wood is a natural material that will be affected by changing temperatures. Because of concerns over water logging, we prefer to work with red cedar or redwood. In some settings, a slowly weathering wood sign can add to the charm of the display.

    A Three-dimensional Brand Presentation

    Sandblasted Wall SignsThe result of the sandblasting process is two-fold.

    1. 3D features. The majority of our clients prefer to have their logos and company names stand out as three-dimensional images. That said, it is just as possible to allow your corporate features to recede into the background by having decorative style elements take center stage.
    2. Background pattern. A secondary player in the branding of your business is the background texture. Choose from a sandstone finish, a wood grain appearance, or a faux stucco presentation. This texturing easily plays into your corporate personality. For example, a law firm might appreciate the subtlety of a pebbled background while a gift shop may express its branding better with a wood grain look.

    Typical Client Questions

    Sandblasted Wall SignsWhen ordering these sign types for their interior or exterior walls, our customers have plenty of questions. For starters, they want to know how intricate the designs can be. While sandblasting sounds like it might be a large-format process, it is actually designed to create very complicated patterns and even small style elements. Next, folks wonder about the use of paint. We can apply anything from single-color tones to gradient color changes. Our technicians paint these products by hand to ensure that they look perfect.

    When asked about uses for sandblasted wall signs, we frequently point clients to our website, which shows examples of building signs that brand and market their respective businesses. But there are other uses for this product, too. On the interior, turn the wall signs into directional markers that label departments, corridors, hallways, and classrooms. In retail, they can add to the ambiance of a product display while also featuring your brand message in the process.

    Contact our graphic artists today to learn more about these versatile signage solutions that are suitable for interior and exterior displays.

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