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    How are Window Graphics Installed for Your Business?

    Window graphics are a great opportunity to market your business.

    However, they can be a costly investment. To make sure you get as many years out of your investment as you can, it must be installed correctly.

    Exterior windows experience direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Even if your windows have a substrate coating that substrate can make adhesion more difficult.

    So, How Are Window Graphics Installed?

    By knowing the installation process of a window graphic, you can prepare your window for installation, but also ensure that you order the right graphic for the job.

    Several steps are done to install graphics on the window, including:

    • Pre-Application: Using an overlaminate for durability is beset. The laminate layer protects your graphic from dust, water and dirt. When ordering a graphic, avoid dark vinyl, because it absorbs heat.
    • Cleaning: The window is thoroughly cleaned using specialty cleaners. An ammonia-based cleaner will leave a film that affects your graphic’s adhesive. So, rubbing alcohol is best.
    • Application: The surface must be dry before applying your vinyl graphic. The film in the center of your graphic is tacked down in the center. So, you’ll flip the low tack tape side and remove the liner from the back of the graphic. The graphic then goes flush against the window, and the backing is slowly peeled away while smoothing the graphic to the window’s surface. A low-friction sleeve on a squeegee is best because it will not scratch.

    Other Considerations When Installing Window Graphics

    Cold weather applications are problematic. The manufacturer of the vinyl recommends optimum temperatures. Some can be applied at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below, while others have a higher minimum temperature.

    When graphics are applied correctly, they leave you with a perfect, attractive sign that can last your location for years.

    To get the most out of your graphics, have the professionals at Black Dog Sign Company design and install your graphic for you.

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