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    Vehicle Wraps for Home Repair Businesses

    If you own and operate a home repair business, you know that you have a tremendous obligation to get your name out there, if only for the sake of your clients. They have a leaky pipe. They have crumbling exterior walls. They have a flooded basement. You know how to fix these problems and many more.

    But do you know how vehicle wraps can benefit your business and increase revenue? Maybe you didn’t. This blog is all about the wonderful ways vehicle wraps—both full and partial—can help your home repair business advertise.

    Vehicle Graphics

    The Basics of Vehicle Wraps

    Vehicle wraps are made of durable vinyl that resists fading. This vinyl can be colored to your specifications, and can cover from 25 percent of your company’s vehicle to 100 percent of your vehicle.

    Fleet Vehicle Wraps in Lawrenceville GA

    Full Vehicle Wraps

    A full vehicle wrap covers all of your car, truck or van and is best for a bold and emphatic statement. Let’s say you offer a plumbing service that operates seven days a week. You might want a full vehicle wrap, with your company’s information and the services you offer on it, for the best impact. You could add photos that are examples of your work as well. This would be a fantastic way to use mobile marketing to your greatest advantage.

    Vinyl Graphics in Johns Creek GA

    Partial Vehicle Wraps

    Partial vehicle wraps are another great choice. This can consist of just your logo and phone number—perhaps you’re a personal stylist with your own car, for example. In this case, you may not need all the glitz and glam of a full vehicle wrap. As an added plus, partial wraps are generally more affordable. This makes them a good idea for those smaller and up-and-coming businesses.

    Custom-Made and Affordable

    You would be surprised how easily customizable both full and partial vehicle wraps can be. They can be any size, and the color options are endless. Get creative with your designs and the profits will come rolling in.

    Vehicle wraps are an affordable choice for many home repair businesses, too. Because you are essentially advertising “on-the-go”, your services will be recognized far and wide, giving you a greater client base to work from. They are also less expensive than a custom paint job.

    Get the Perfect Vehicle Wrap

    Now that you’ve learned how vehicle wraps can benefit your home repair business, go ahead and get your perfect vehicle wrap today from Black Dog Sign Company. Contact us now and get a free quote.

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