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    How to Use Mounted Prints to Tell Your Company’s Story

    The goal of any interior signage presentation is to offer another facet of brand engagement for customers, visitors, and investors. While a lobby sign presents your brand message alongside a nod to your way of doing business, typical wall art may feature a stronger brand persona expression. But did you know that you could use mounted prints as a way of telling your company’s story, which offers those walking through your door an entirely new opportunity of experiencing your branding and marketing messages?

    Black on Silver Prints Put Products at the Heart of Your Company’s Narrative

    Use Mounted PrintsChoose images of your iconic products or the most popular items that remain in high demand. Whether you sell cars, manufacture shoes, or specialize in the design of homes, we recommend the selection of images that combine an eye candy appeal with sharp lines and minimal background. Although we could print these graphics onto a card stock substrate, we recommend the use of aluminum, which creates the backdrop. By setting apart the image with black lines, the stark color contrast is sure to catch the eyes of anyone walking through the door.

    Foam Board Mounted Prints Install with Standoffs for a Professional Look

    In this scenario, we would print your graphics on card stock. Our technicians then mount these prints onto foam board, which adds durability to the presentation. We can attach these images to the walls of your office with standoffs. The use of brushed aluminum is ideal because it complements any color selection, which is important when you pick colorful pictures. These products display well in longer hallways where we can size them to take up most of the wall space. In so doing, you immerse the visitor to your location into your corporate world.

    Fabric Prints Add Texture to Displays

    Use Mounted PrintsMounted fabric prints use canvas material as the substrate of choice. This selection offers some texture, which creates a slight 3D effect. Combining this consistency with the smooth fronts of aluminum or card stock prints has the potential of creating a look that offers heightened visual interest. After all, the eye quickly loses interest when an image setup consists of identical presentations. However, when shaking things up a little, the eye’s interest is renewed. (The next time you visit an art gallery or museum, look at the way these professionals break up their wall displays. Frequently, you see varying sizes, substrates, and even the integration of sculptures into printed or painted media collections.)

    How to Use Mounted Prints to Tell Your Company’s Story

    Use Mounted PrintsWe recommend a four-step process.

    1. Choose a centerpiece. This image should encapsulate everything your company stands for. It is a mix of branding and advertising.
    2. Define your display space. Will you start in the lobby and allow the graphics presentation to continue down the hallway? Do you want to limit the display to the lobby only?
    3. Identify the story line. What do you want visitors to your location to know? Ideas might include the history of the company’s founding, the timeline of its product line development, of a brief history with more space featuring current expansions.
    4. Pick the right images. We recommend a mix of black and white as well as colorful pictures. If you need to use stock photos, work with our experts to ensure that you do not pick those that are currently so popular that everyone is ordering them.

    Contact us today to schedule your design consultation, and we show you what we mean!

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