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    Reasons to Use Carved and Sandblasted Signs for Your Business

    When you order a sign for your business, you want something that builds credibility, but also speaks to your company’s unique characteristics. To distinguish your business from the competition, using carved and sandblasted signs will capture the attention of potential clients.

    Once you have established yourself in the neighborhood, you can get to work pushing word-of-mouth referrals and building your business empire.

    The Benefits of Using Carved and Sandblasted Signs to Mark Your Business

    Your business is unique, so your sign should be, too. A great sign makes your business stand out in the sea of options. With the artistry of a carved sign, you take advantage of even more.

    • Three-Dimensional Viewing: Sandblasted and carved designs are visually striking because they’re three-dimensional. Also, they look expensive, even though they are relatively affordable. By going the extra mile with signage, you have a flattering sign that indicates success – even if you just opened.
    • No Industrial Look: Go beyond the traditional industrial sign. Cheap, flexible and faded signs don’t make your business attractive. Use a sandblasted sign to show that your company goes above the industry standards – which in turn, tells clients you put extra emphasis on quality and attention to details.
    • Catching the Eye: You want to grab the eye of potential customers driving by. While you could use bright colors or even neon lights, the artistry of a carved sign will stick out more than a universal neon sign.

    The Right Sign Starts with Professionals

    If you want to add aesthetics and flex your attention to detail, you need carved and sandblasted signs. At Black Dog Sign Company, we offer wood, urethane, and other materials to craft the perfect custom sign for your business.

    Learn more about our carving and sandblasting techniques by requesting a quote at the link below or calling us at 404-456-9193.


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