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    Real Estate Signs: A Quick Primer

    All realtors know that spring is the perfect time to sell a house, apartment or condo. As soon as it gets warm out, it seems as if people really want to move. Yet some real estate agents might be a little unsure of how to best advertise a hot property or up-and-coming new development. You never know what could be the perfect home for someone, and as an agent, you should be educated on the best kind of signs for what you’re offering. Read this quick guide to real estate signs to help decide on the best kind of sign for your home and property-selling adventure.

    Single or Double-Sided Signs: Decisions, Decisions

    One of the first and crucial choices you need to make in order to design an effective real estate sign is whether you want your sign to be single-sided or double-sided. Single-sided signs can be useful in certain instances, if the sign is mounted against a wall, for example.  This generally is the case with properties that are advertising vacancies, like an apartment building in a big city. Otherwise, double-sided is the way to go. That way, potential buyers traveling in both directions can see what’s on your sign, and you’ll get more visitors to your open houses or sales office. Besides, it’s more cost-effective, and ultimately, more profitable.

    Post and Panel Signs

    The inverted “L” beam plus a basic wood or plastic panel is a classic real estate sign option. It’s easily recognizable, quick and simple to install and sturdy enough to withstand the elements. Wind and rain are no match for this sign! This is a great choice for advertising new developments in the suburbs, trendy city living options, and traditional single-family homes. They’re easily customizable, too! You can simply put a section on top or below the main panel to show that a sale is pending, or if there’s a price reduction. Keeping your real estate sign up to date is critical for a good sale, after all.

    Get Your Perfect Real Estate Sign

    You know that real estate signs are a critical part of the home and property selling process, so get your high-quality, custom-made post and panel, single-sided or double-sided sign today. Black Dog Signs is more than happy to help you with any and all of your real estate sign needs, so you can make that sale. Act now and get a free quote!

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