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    Monument Signs are Stately for Funeral Homes

    No one looks forward to the death of a loved one. When it’s time, people need to choose the right funeral home for the deceased’s viewing and/or funeral. What’s a better way to advertise your dignified funeral home than with a stately monument sign? These exterior signs are a grand and somber way to make your mark in the world of funeral homes. Let’s take a closer look as to how monument signs can help your funeral parlor business.

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    Monumental Materials

    Monument signs are generally made of stone or brick, or could be made out of imitation materials if you’re on a budget. The stone or brick can be carved or sandblasted, or you can install an acrylic panel. A carved or sandblasted monument sign for your funeral establishment would be a lovely and regal-looking choice. On the other hand, if you’re concerned about cost, the acrylic panel could be a good idea. It could include painted letters for a more professional look. It could look just as nice for less money.

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    Design with Your Business in Mind

    When you have a funeral home, you know you need to be respectful. People expect a certain degree of decorum from your business, so design your monument sign with that in mind. Choose colors that are muted or darker in tone, to reflect the dignity of your establishment. Choose those stately materials we mentioned above, and consider a carved funeral home sign. It may be a bit pricier, but it’s well worth the cost, trust us. Your sign will look respectful and authoritative, and people will know what to expect from you.

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    But Don’t Be Too Grave

    On the other hand, yes, there is a certain amount of seriousness involved with funeral home signage, but that doesn’t mean that you should be all doom and gloom. You don’t want to depress or overwhelm your visitors, after all. For a more pleasant option, consider planting an assortment of flowers around your monument sign. This would add a nice and natural warmth to your sign, making your bereaved visitors feel more comfortable at your establishment.

    Get Your Dignified Monument Sign

    Now that you know about your choices in terms of monument signs for funeral homes, once you’ve made your decision, go ahead and give Black Dog Sign Company a call. We’re your one-stop shop for monument signs, and we’ll do everything possible to make yours great. Contact us today for a free quote.