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    Make Your Business Stand Out with Monument Signs

    All business owners know that they need to let their visitors and customers that they’re at the right place. However, sometimes it’s hard to decide what type of signage would be best. For a bold, imposing look that’s not easily forgotten, you should look no further than classic monument signs.

    Monument signs are signs that can be made of stucco, wood, stone, brick or imitation materials, and are placed at the front of your business’ property to look like a monument. They are usually large signs, so your visitors know immediately where they’re at, and are often made to look very traditional or stately using stone or imitation stone made of strong, long-lasting foam. Read on to learn more about this refined and dignified signage option.

    Monument Signs Fulton County GA

    Monument Sign Materials: Wood, Stone, Foam and Much More

    You may be wondering what materials your monument sign should be made of. For a dignified and traditional look, stone or brick is a good option. It simply surrounds the sign, or the sign itself can be carved out of the material for a bold look. If that’s not a possibility due to budget, sturdy foam can be crafted to look like those materials. Wood can give your monument sign a friendly or “homey” feel to it, but can be prone to insect, sun and water damage. Perhaps the imitation materials would be best for you, since these are generally weather-resistant. Think carefully about which material you want to use, as these types of signs are the first thing your customers see when they come visit.

    Yes, Size Matters

    With monument signs, bigger is always better. After all, these signs help customers find your business. You wouldn’t want a tiny, inconspicuous monument sign right at the edge of your property! Large monument signs make your business easy to find and leave a lasting first impression, which is always important.

    Another aspect of size is placement. You want your monument sign to be front and center on your property, most likely. For instances when that’s not possible due to property lines, choose a spot that is close to the front entrance of your building.

    Get Your Monument Sign Now

    Don’t wait any longer to make a statement—now that you’ve learned some facts about monument signs, get your regal-looking dream monument sign now. Let Black Dog Signs design your monument sign. Call for a free quote!