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    Interior Design for Conference Room Signs

    If you have an office, you probably have a conference room, maybe several. And if you have conference rooms, you know you need conference room signs. It would be easy enough, you may think, to just slap a sign together on a piece of paper or poster board and put it up. This would surely let people know where they are, which is the sole purpose of these interior signs, right?

    Well, truth be told, it’s a bit more complicated than that—and that’s a good thing, believe it or not. You can in fact use some principles of interior design to create a well-crafted and distinguished conference room sign. Read on to learn how.

    Safety and ADA

    Basics of Interior Design

    There are five essential elements of interior design that anyone who needs a sign should know. They are color, form, line, mass and texture.

    Color helps create a mood—you wouldn’t want a hot pink sign in your law firm’s office, after all. Form is simply the shape of your object, or in this case, your sign. Line is the boundary or direction of the sign—does it point anywhere in particular, or is it self-contained? Mass is the “weight” or bulk of the sign as it sits in a space. You don’t need a 60-foot long conference room sign, for example. Finally, texture is the tactile sensation of your sign. This comes into play with ADA, or Americans with Disabilities Act, compliance.

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    Think of Different Options

    You might be wondering right now about how all these abstract terms and definitions really play out in the world of interior signage. Well, think of the worst conference room sign you’ve ever seen. What about it was bad?

    Maybe it was too small, so no one could read it. Maybe the contrast or the colors were just “off”, so it was hard to look at. Maybe it was a directional sign that didn’t need to be directional. Whatever it was, I’m sure bad interior design had something to do with it.

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    But What’s “Good” Interior Design, Anyway?

    This is an excellent question. After all, if you’ve seen the bad, how do you recognize the good? Take a moment to imagine a sign that has clearly-defined edges and a good shape—maybe it’s a square or rectangle. Imagine it having a dark blue background with raised white lettering on it. Imagine it against a beautiful cream-colored wall. All of these components make up a well-designed conference room sign.

    Get Your Perfect Conference Room Sign

    Now that you’ve educated yourself on some basics of interior design for signs, go ahead and contact Black Dog Sign Company. We’re your go-to source for conference room signs, so call now and get a free quote.

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