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    Graphic Design Principles to Help Your Signage

    If you’re in the process of designing and installing a sign, you may feel a little in over your head. There’s a lot to consider, from placement to fonts to size, and you’re probably aware that if you make the wrong choice, your sign will suffer.

    Designing a quality sign is important for the success of your brand. But what guidelines should you follow? That’s where the principles of graphic design come into play. Learning about these aspects of design will only help you as a business owner make the right decisions when it comes to your signage.

    Ready to learn more about what good graphic design can do for you? Read on to learn about a few basics of graphic design.

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    An important part of any design, contrast is the difference between the light values and the dark values of your image, or in this case, your sign. It’s good to have strong contrast between colors or shades, because it increases readability and visibility. So, for example, having a dark blue or black background with white lettering for your ADA sign is probably going to help people read your sign.

    However, be aware of something called “color vibration.” This occurs when two colors that are opposites on the color wheel are placed together. A well-known example of this is the “Christmas” colors, red and green. When you have a bright red background with green lettering, the lettering can appear to “vibrate” or “jump” off the background. It can hurt to look at it!

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    Sometimes it’s the “space between” that really does the work for you on your sign. A great example of this in action is a sandblasted sign. The negative space created by the process causes the lettering to stand up and stand out, making it more readable. This can also work to your advantage with cabinet signs. Using white space or dark space (again, contrast is key!) with the lettering will help people read your sign more easily.

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    No discussion of design would be complete without the mention of color. This is a crucial aspect of graphic design, because color really does affect our moods and influence our buying habits. For example, lots of restaurants like to use the color red in their signage, because that color has a tendency to increase appetite in people. Green can be calming, and black seems serious or even depressing. Be aware of color choices when designing your sign, and you’ll be certain to make good choices.

    Get a Graphic Design Consultation

    So, you’ve learned a few basic principles of graphic design for your signage. Now, once you’re ready to design your sign, give Black Dog Sign Company a call. We’re your source for quality graphic design. Contact us now for a free quote on your next consultation.

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