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    Go Beyond Yard Sales with Lawn Signs

    You are probably aware of how lawn signs are used to advertise yard sales. These easy-to-install and simple exterior signs are commonly utilized for this purpose, but there are other uses for them. Think about baby showers or bridal showers, or perhaps graduation parties. There really are a lot of options for these signs. Let’s take a closer look.

    Idea #1: Showers Galore

    How do you advertise an upcoming baby shower or bridal shower? Well, lawn signs are a great idea! Simply choose your lettering and design, and have it printed. These signs are easy to custom-make, which makes them great for celebratory occasions like showers. Print out a bunch of them and put them on the edge of your property to let your guests know they’re at the right house.

    Idea #2: Graduation Parties

    Another occasion that could easily benefit from customized lawn signs is your child’s graduation party. If your kid has recently graduated from high school or college, you’re sure to be proud of them. Show off your pride with a custom-made lawn sign. Put school colors on it and a mascot to jazz it up. Don’t forget your child’s name, and then you’ll be set. You could place these on your sidewalk or walkway to your house, to show off what your kid has accomplished.

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    Idea #3: Let’s Get Political

    If you are a local politician running for office in your town or county, lawn signs are a fantastic way to raise name awareness and educate voters about where you stand on the important issues. Design with your campaign in mind, and place them on the side of roads, sidewalks or highways. Encourage people to get the vote out, too.

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    Color Choices for Lawn Signs

    With lawn signs, primary colors are usually best. These make your sign easy to spot at a distance and simply read. Use black or red lettering on a white background for best results. If you want to get a little more creative, use a dark blue background with white lettering. Add your campaign slogan and name, and you’re ready to go.

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    Get Your Lawn Signs Now

    Since you’ve now learned about your choices for using lawn signs, once you’ve made your decision, go ahead and give Black Dog Sign Company a quick call. We specialize in making top-quality lawn signs that are eye-catching and to the point. Call now and get a free quote.

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